Thursday, 11 September 2008

Dang it!

I finished the border on the Eureka chain quilt. VBG. I will piece the back today and post it to Mum to be quilted. If I had more time I would have pieced the back with another PIG or UFO as suggested by Sharyn.. but time is now of the essence and I must make haste.

Last night I dug out the 1950s dresses UFO (from my list of 4) and I made 2 Maverick Stars. That was fine... the blocks don't look too bad. Why didn't I piece the quilt back for Eureka last night? Too tired, I probably would have stuffed it up. But, how can you stuff up these stars? So I made them instead. It was a good idea to make 2 blocks first.

But dang it!! I have only stitched 9 of the dresses. I still have 3 stitcheries left... Urgh! I didn't feel like stitching the dresses at the moment. This might go back into the box for a little while longer.

So, that means I will be changing my current list of 4 projects again
  1. Christmas Mice (handwork)

  2. 1950s dresses is out for a while, and in comes the 2007 Mystery Quilt ready for binding! Mum custom quilted it, and now it needs binding and it will go in the wash to remove the green marking pen.

  3. Christine Book stitcheries are in the box again because I will either make cushion covers, or put them on the reverse side of a quilt (not "the back", the reverse) and in comes the Noddy quilt. It's nice to have something whimsical to play with.

  4. Once I have pieced the Eureka Chain quilt backing, the French Collection quilt will take its place. This will give me something to draw and design as I figure out how to put the blocks together. The fabric should arrive next week. Uh-oh! More busy-ness!!!

OOH!! and I got a Clover needlepunch tool today... I must try that out soon. Ok, when I finish the Mystery Quilt binding I might have time to have a go at it!!!

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