Friday, 3 October 2008

Sparkling wine, cold and bubbly...

Where did yesterday go? I didn't actually miss a day of my life. The sun was out, the sparkling wine was cold and bubbly... but while I had a nice luncheon my DH was up ladders and on scaffold.
We were supposed to have finished painting the room by now. The walls are washed, the plaster is "puttied" (or whatever it's called) and sanded back. Maybe now we can start with the easy bit - the painting!!
I finished the armchair pincushion on the train.

The lid opens to store stuff inside it.
Last night while my DH was sanding away, my brain wouldn't focus on work anymore, so I played with fabric and my machine. Nice, soothing, mindless sewing that turns into a baby quilt for my cousin's newborn son really quick!
I put the whole quilt top together (it's only small - about 30" x 40"). I just don't have space to spread it out for a photo. (You must remember, while the room is being painted all its furniture is in the rest of the house).

This is looking pretty good on the screen, even if it has something lumpy under it. I think I'll make another quick baby quilt with Dick and Jane for a friend. My goal is 10 for this week. *grin*

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