Thursday, 30 October 2008

Quilt inspiration... I promise!!

I planned to post more photos of The French Collection quilt progress today... but Tuesday I rang a radio station and won 2 tickets to see Kenny Rogers at the Palais Theatre last night. As I couldn't go twice, and did not need 2 tickets, my DH and I went together.

We walked around St Kilda and dined al fresco at a cafe.

It had been such a beautiful day, and the evening was also lovely. The air was warm, but not hot, and there were no mosquitos yet.

We walked around, admired the cake shops in Acland Street, found 2 really interesting places to eat "Mr Vegetarian Pizza Man" (or something like that - he also made gluten-free and yeast-free varieties) and "Lentil As Anything" - yummy vegetarian curry dishes.

Kenny Rogers was doing his 50th anniversary tour. He introduced his wife, showed us photos of his 4 year old twin sons (!!!!!). He is obviously in his 70s. He sang for an hour and 15 minutes, couldn't quite reach the high notes anymore, and had to sit down for some songs. He was in good shape, but he really moved like an old man, I guess he is. Kenny really talked to us in the audience, and made jokes, told stories. He really is a professional showman.

Ooh, yes, I saw this building, and thought it would be good inspiration for the Art Nouveau wedding quilt I want to make for early January. I like the shape of the windows and doors

I don't know anyone who has made an Art Nouveau quilt before - apart from William Morris-type quilts. I am going to enjoy designing and making the quilt. (But first, The French Collection!!).

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Quiltycat said...

Funny how time passes and you don't stop to realise it! I never thought of Kenny Rogers being that old! Whenever I hear The Gambler, I am back in Camperdown in that pub we stayed in. Remember my room was right over the jukebox and they played it over and over and...C