Monday, 20 October 2008

Raffle blocks

I have stitched 2 raffle blocks for my local group's Christmas draw. What are they? I am glad you asked!

This year the guidelines are to stitch 2 strands in DMC 319 on a 6.5 inch block of a specified background fabric - any design to do with Christmas. One can enter as many blocks as they like. For every block entered, the person receives a raffle ticket in the draw. The blocks are divided into piles of about 5 or 6 depending on how many blocks are submitted. Then, at our Christmas breakup the raffle is drawn in the hope of winning a pile of blocks.

I won some in 2006. Just this year I turned them into the Christmas redwork doorhanging. They were on varied backgrounds of white on white.

I also won some another year, probably 2005. It was applique onto a green background (everyone provided their own backgrounds). I made a swag. (I'll have to insert a picture here later, my DH is asleep and I will wake him up looking for it.)

Last year I was too busy getting ready for my wedding to make any blocks. (I hardly even sent Christmas cards, which is terrible, but I will make up for it this year). It was ecru stitchery on a specified red background.

I have traced off one more raffle block. Isn't it good to get a few things done early??? Goodness knows I leave enough to the last minute!!

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