Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Memory Lane

I am giving away some quilts I made some time ago. This made me think... Hmm... do I have a good photo of these quilts anywhere? I'd better add them onto my blog (it is my quilting journal - I have it printed annually in a hardcover book).

This quilt is shown sideways. It was the first quilt I machine pieced. (The first actual quilt I made was a sampler made with hand-piecing).

I was living in Swan Hill, and I used fabric from my (at that time) meagre stash. There was a quilt shop in town, but I didn't have a lot of disposable income. It was my first year out of Uni, and I was living on my own.

The pattern was in a magazine. I hadn't really used the rotary cutter before. It was a good learning quilt. Mind you, the cornerstones don't match up.

Yes, I labelled the quilt, but I didnt' give it a name.

This next one was made in 2000, via machine piecing and rotary cutting, combined with some applique.

The fabrics were from the "Folk Art Wedding" range - I guess it was my first start in vintage-inspired fabrics. Again, it was un-named.

I will share another quilt in my next post.

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