Tuesday, 5 July 2011

But, er...

Um, no. I haven't finished the fat quarter bag. Is that okay?

I really have to put my brain into gear to modify the bag handles.

But, er.. I have something else that to show that I started today.

This is a quilter's worst habit isn't it? (starting something new before finishing something).

Is it our biggest problem? No. Our biggest problem is storing it all - started projects (UFOs and WIPs) and unstarted projects (PIGs) and even finished projects.

I have an entire couch full of quilts. Okay, they used to be all over one couch, to the point where the wasn't room to sit down. I moved the massive pile of finished quilts into another room and closed the door.

It's the same room containing all the unfinished items... and I can hardly get in the door.


Karen said...

Sometimes, handles can be the hardest part of figuring out a bag pattern. And I do the same as you and lots of quilters. I start many projects before others are finished.

MahFangersIsABleedin said...

Started quilting a year ago. Finished my first project and did NOT have another in the works. It happened over Easter weekend and the shops were closed! EEK! I'll never let that happen to me again...