Friday, 30 April 2010

Sneaking in

I am going to sneak in a photo of this finished quilt. My Little Tailfeather quilt!! designed by Cinderberry Stitches, fabrics chosen by me. Quilted by my Mum.

So fresh... I love stitchery. I can just pick it up and go!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Another busy day

I started to make a quilt using my friend Lorna's 12 FQ pattern from my Rural Jardin fabric. These are all the blocks made and stacked. Okay, that's enough of that quilt for today... Now what can I do?
Let's look at some old UFOs. Ooh, look at these sock monkey appliques.

They started because of this 5 inch charm pack I bought and loved. I didn't even know what sock monkeys were then!

I put them away in their labelled box, and walked around the house with itchy fingers again. Then I found another box labelled "sock monkey quilt". ??? I thought...
Ooh, it was quite heavy, what's in it? Oh my goodness!! A pack of 36 fat quarters with sock monkeys on them!!

Ooh, this requires some thinking. Next project.

What a mess! It's a partially made circular bag I started 3 years ago.

This is a much nicer view of the UFO. The stripe fabric is on one side, and the black fabric is on the other side. Reversible see???

All it needed was some handles. I made them, and now it's a finished bag.

I wonder if I will actually use it as a bag. It's very nice fabric, maybe I could reclaim it sometime...

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

This is what happens...

Okay, here's the thing (WARNING: quite a long post here)...

I finished this little quilt top, and thought I would start another one straight away...

I tried out 3 different ways of foundation piecing....

(a) the "usual" way i.e. using a lightweight vilene as a foundation - my block ended up 4in x 4.25in instead of 4.25in square

(b) a "new" way for me - with freezer paper (you fold all the sewing lines onto the foundation, then you don't actually sew through the freezer paper, but right next to it) - not accurate enough for me with these little blocks (and isn't that what foundation piecing is for?) see the little pieces don't look like squares?

(c) using an iron-on multi-directional stabiliser. This worked the best, but it was tedious.... so much paper to remove!

Next, I am going to try the new washaway product in my LQS. I will give you an update...

I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere... so I put those aside and went in search of something else to sew. This is when my list of 5 was needed, where was it? which was here on the computer... not at home with me!!

I wandered around the house with itchy fingers.

Then I found 2 PIGs and made them up!

Two soft books I made from panels. The first one (Tiny Tailors) had really good instructions, so I used that idea to help make the Maisy one. The Maisy squares had to be cut out individually and arranged to make a book that told a "story". That took a little bit longer....

Then I looked at these bits leftover from my French Braid, and put them next to the sewing machine to use as "leaders and enders". If I make 2 braids the same length I can join them side by side to make a tablerunner for my sister's birthday (she never reads this blog, just not interested!!).

So, that's what happens when you have a day off, on a cold, rainy day and there is no applique prepared!!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Nearly over the Mountain

I am excited to have nearly finished this little quilt top. These are the last nine blocks (measuring 4 inch finished).

I want to finish all 9 little quilt tops from 45 fat quarters before I quilt any of them - I plan on using the leftovers on the back.Here are all 20 blocks pictured together - and there is the rotary cutter for scale.

You know, one of these mini quilts has applique in it, maybe I could slip in a little applique over the next few days...

What's happening with my Lizzie Mae medallion you ask? I have to finish choosing colours for the pieced blocks - so my worn out brain fighting off this virus is going for tasks with less thinking involved.... let's finish this little quilt top and start another one!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

It doesn't look like much...

It really doesn't look like I did much last night...
But, it's a few hours work - fabric selection, piecing, trimming and pressing... the last 9 little blocks for my Mini Mountains quilt.
These should go together really quickly now.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thank you

Thank you so much everyone, for your warm thoughts and wishes (whether for my applique or my health!! LOL!)

I am fighting off a virus I think.. but I've got 2 days to rest and that's just what I will be doing, with maybe a leetle bit of machine sewing.

This is the finished centre for the Lizzie Mae's Medallion quilt.

And this is what else I made....

I had already done most of the cutting, so this was a quick bit of machine sewing to make these blocks for my Miniature Mountains quilt.
I've got to keep going with the series of 9 miniatures. One per month should do it...

Friday, 23 April 2010

Applique *sigh*

I am feeling sad that this applique block I have enjoyed doing so much is almost finished. There are only about 5 pieces left to attach, and 3 of them are pinned on.

Ahhh, look at the urn. I did not fussy cut or centre the print onto the urn. The entire fabric was pretty, so I just appliqued the urn and let the fabric do its thing.

I was supposed to do a lot of piecing on my day off... but I spent most of the day in bed, feeling unwell. The upside is, I have lots of hand sewing done (I can rest, sit and sew at the same time)... but the downside is, I need another hand project (preferably applique).

I guess I had better pull out the 12 Days of Christmas quilt blocks again, and do the 6 geese a laying....

Oh! I love applique!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

More leaves

I just love browsing through these last few posts to watch these leaves form... it's kind of like looking through a flick book.

The colours are starting to look soft and pretty with a vintage slant - all reproduction 1800s fabrics... The different coloured stems are really starting to show up.

So excited! Just want to do more and more!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

It's tempting.. but nah!

I was very tempted to call this post something naff like "Leaf it with me"... how do you think of names for your posts? Usually, I come up with a name while I am writing the message.

I am loving everything about this applique block - the background is a treat! I have decided to add the urn last - I picked that fabric first, so it should come together really well.

I am really looking forward to machine piecing on my day off this week... I can do that while the washing machine does it's thing and the soup cooks.. etc.

So much piecing to do! And cutting... I wonder how much I will get through...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How does your garden grow?

Here is the garden I have been working on lately... Oh! it looks really pretty on the screen!

Yes, it would be lovely outside in the big garden at the moment, it's Autumn and I just love it where I live, but there just aren't enough daylight hours now that daylight savings is over... *sigh*
However, my protea plant is flowering - 2 large flowers and 8 more buds. I am a proud Mummy of my garden....every single thing.. even the weeds...

Monday, 19 April 2010

I can blog.

Zippidy doo dah! I love it!

Finally, I've got my French Braid quilt hanging to take a good photo of it for my blog. Mum quilted it with an allover seaweed pattern for me. Thank you Mumsy. *hugs*

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... it's wonderful to finish so many quilts because Mum can quilt them for me.

You know what else I love? Simply by writing this blog makes me take more photos of my projects in progress.

It's quite satisfying to see my projects unfold rather than say "Oh yes, I am still working on the applique centre"... etc... Not only does my blog give back to the bloggers who inspire me (I hope), but I plan to print these records into books and keep them for future generations in my family.

No, I am not a diary writer, but I can blog.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Miniature Geese

I have designed a new mini quilt - it's flying geese... and I chose these fabrics to make it with. When will I have time???
I've been too tired at night to concentrate on machine piecing and cutting. I need handwork in the evening. Which brings me to my next topic for today...This is what I started - the centre for this medallion quilt.So far, it looks like the furniture from the Beetlejuice movie... but it's only stems yet.

Over time these plants will grow!!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

So much for a clean-out!

I haven't even finished sifting through my stash and I've added more... of course, this is what I really want to be in my stash, although these won't be in my "general stash" for a while, but in a PIG (AKA Projects in Grocery Sacks) - yes, in the bag I bought it in..

I was reading an old issue of "Australian Country Threads" when I spied the column "Recycled Threads" (it's a really good section where one designer makes items from opp shop finds).

This time Ruth (the columnist) had found a finished tapestry at her local opp shop. Tapestries are rather hard-wearing, so she took it out of the frame and turned it into a bag.
I bought these 4 tapestries for fifty cents each (!!!) today.... I am going to make a couple of bags from them.

The Beatrix Potter ones can go on both sides of one bag (I just need to do a leetle bit of stitching on the mouse one).........And the others... probably on one bag each. There is a lot of time and money ino these completed tapestries. I am sure someone enjoyed doing them... perhaps they couldn't be framed because they are not rectangular, but more rhomboid.

It won't matter in a bag... but let this be a lesson to you - use a frame when making tapestries!!Now... what will I put with these?? Hmm....

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fast finish...

Go me!! Sometimes I just love a little project I can whip up and achieve a finish. It's been a while since I have quilted anything myself (pressed for time), and I really enjoyed it.

I haven't really made many items for home decorating. I am thinking about it more often. I only have one bed in my house at the moment (we are planning to extend - we can't fit any more beds in), so all my quilts are stacked on a large couch that I can't sit on anymore. LOL!!

I used a Signature variegated thread called Taupes. It quilts like a dream....
It's true that quilting makes the quilt, I love the simple linear design I used.
Quilted last night and binding machined on... and hand-stitched today.
Ah, now I just need to finish the QuiltAid block and I can start my 12 fat quarter quilt!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

No way! Give it to charity!

Today I gave away nearly 2 medium bin liners full of patchwork fabric!!

Working through my old stash I made a pile for "oven mitt" fabrics (for Christmas presents over the next few years), a pile for quilt backs, a pile for landscape quilts and a pile for "no way - give it to Charity". The last pile filled the bags, and went to a friend of mine who makes quilts for charity.
I can always buy more fabric if I need it for a project - it's no use keeping it "just in case".

Of course, this justifies fabric acquisition!! (And I haven't even been through half my at-home stash yet!)

With these new fat quarters I am going to make a quilt designed by my friend Lorna.

These fabrics have a pretty french feel for a reason - they are from the range "Rural Jardin" by French General.

This is the next block in QuiltAid 2010. I've got more applique and embroidery to do.
I think I will save some of the handwork for quilt group tomorrow night - and do some machine sewing tonight. Sounds good! Now I can't wait to go home and relax!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I am tidying up my fabric stash - you know, it's quite fun seeing what lovely pieces I have... ooh, it makes me want to start new projects!!

No photos yet, it's too messy....

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Quilt Aid 2010

Annie has been making lots of blocks for this year's Quilt Aid quilt for me... I've designed the finished quilt with the 12 blocks, but this is the first block I have actually made for the quilt so far.
Another couple of days' handwork... I've got another one to start next.

Friday, 9 April 2010


Every now and then I go a little mad on the hexagon thing, then I become tired of it. Looking at these fabrics has made me want to tidy up my fabric stash.

The pen is in the photo for scale.

I read an article in Quilter's Newsletter - one of the points that stuck in my mind is this: Imagine the kind of fabric stash you would like to have. Now go and look in your stash, and remove anything that doesn't fit into the type of stash you would like.... I've got some really old fabrics (well 10-12 years old) that really aren't my thing anymore. I think if I can "remove" them (give them away) the rest of my stash could be more organised, tidier and take up a lot less space. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A couple of nights handwork...

This is 3 nights of hand-sewing...

Every now and then I seem to do machine-sewing in a frenzy (when I have a block of time). The rest of the time it's hand-sewing....

This will form part of my 1800s hexagon sampler. I am making up the designs as I go.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gypsy Girl quilt top

It didn't take long to finish putting this quilt top together after I found the missing blocks...I even machine-blanket-stitched the label onto the quilt backing .. ohh how virtuous I feel!! While I was at it, I also stitched the label onto the back for the Pieces Of The Past quilt top...
It's much quicker to attach your label before the quilt is quilted, and the label can't be removed without ruining the quilt either... it's a security step...

Monday, 5 April 2010

Call off the search!

Okay, after a day and a half of searching and nights dreaming where they could be... I found the 5 missing blocks I made less than a week ago...

They were in a bag with another project I dug out, looked at and put away again... Gee, I have looked at a few projects over the last week (as shown in my blog...)

But this is what I worked on today...

The blocks are joined - the centre is assembled....

And.. the binding is made (see it in a large coil on the blocks...
I just need to make the borders and join them on. That's a job for tomorrow...
Ooh, I feel virtuous. This one is not going to make it onto the UFO list!! I love a quick machine project every now and then...
BTW, thank you so much for your comments dear friends. They are much appreciated.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Where are they?

I have lost 5 blocks.

I finished making all the blocks and started to arrange them ready for setting in triangles etc.

I can't find five of them!! Sheesh! I was so ready to make this quilt right now!! I brought my machine, etc. out with me today..maybe I left the other blocks at home. I will check thoroughly.

So, what to do? I fancy making a table runner. So.. here is the first block.

Every now and then I feel like quick, easy piecing. Know what I mean?

And, this is my handwork from last night...

This is the centre block in the 12 Days of Christmas quilt.

Okay, my quilting seems to be all over the place.... but it's an easy pieced project and some hand work.. That's not too much to ask for is it??