Monday, 12 April 2010

No way! Give it to charity!

Today I gave away nearly 2 medium bin liners full of patchwork fabric!!

Working through my old stash I made a pile for "oven mitt" fabrics (for Christmas presents over the next few years), a pile for quilt backs, a pile for landscape quilts and a pile for "no way - give it to Charity". The last pile filled the bags, and went to a friend of mine who makes quilts for charity.
I can always buy more fabric if I need it for a project - it's no use keeping it "just in case".

Of course, this justifies fabric acquisition!! (And I haven't even been through half my at-home stash yet!)

With these new fat quarters I am going to make a quilt designed by my friend Lorna.

These fabrics have a pretty french feel for a reason - they are from the range "Rural Jardin" by French General.

This is the next block in QuiltAid 2010. I've got more applique and embroidery to do.
I think I will save some of the handwork for quilt group tomorrow night - and do some machine sewing tonight. Sounds good! Now I can't wait to go home and relax!

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Bluebell said...

That was very brave of you to give away fabric it made me catch my breath for a minute I don't know wether I could do that, but what a great way to do it and know that someone else will benefit.