Saturday, 6 July 2019

Bright and Australian

I wanted to use this glamorous tie dyed tea towel for something more special than wiping dishes, so I used it to make a padded, quilted and lined tea cosy.

Making it a generic shape it should fit over most teapots trapping in the warmth, with a loop on the top to safely remove it without burning oneself.

And most teapots I have used dribble tea down, so if you have a cosy directly fitted to the teapot, there is always a slurping of a stain, and this fabric is too pretty to be stained.

I loved making the dimensional gum leaves so much, and I have a whack of Australian wooden buttons I picked up on sale somewhere.

This one has been snapped up, but I do have more of these hand dyed tea towels... Hmm... what to make with the next one?

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