Friday, 30 September 2011

Here comes another

Imagine that? Me obsessed? Never??!!! Hahahahaha.. I must laugh at myself... I've been enjoying making and wearing these wrap skirts... and here comes another one!!

I bought the very pretty main fabric from Magic Patch while on an antiques fossicking trip to Tyabb. Unfortunately the main antique warehouse was demolished, and new building works were in progress....

We did trek around some other antique shops, and it made an interesting diversion from the footy on Grand Final day. No, I am not very interested in Grand Final BBQs...

This skirt will be a medley of fabrics - here they are cut out ready to stitch. Come on Lorraine..... get to it!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gypsy Caravanesque Springtime Skirt

The finished skirt! I loved embellishing the front - a little bit of broderie perse, and some Indian trims.

It was actually warm enough to wear the skirt today. But, I'm sooo glad I wore leggings underneath. The wind outside would have revealed my bright coral knickers to all and sundry today!!

There you go, gypsy caravan from top to toe.

I still feel like sewing... but, I think I'lll take a little break from making skirts. Just for a few days anyway.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A little bit more skirt...

I've finished the Empress Woo skirt. Love love love it.And this is me wearing it! It has a lovely A line shape which is very flattering.

It was actually too cold to wear a skirt today, so I wore it over jeans!! *grin* I just couldn't help myself! It is Spring after all.

And I've started the Gypsy Caravanesque skirt. Ooh, I'd like to finish it tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow!

Monday, 19 September 2011

A little bit of skirt.

I really fancy making skirts right now. I bought this fabric in New Zealand, January this year, with the intention of making a skirt. I've cut the pieces out ready to sew.I've made this skirt before, but it was a larger size, I'm now on the small size (yay me!!). So, I had to re-draft it. The side seams are sewn and zig-zagged. Ric-rac is added to the wrap-around edge, and a contrast trim is stitched to the bottom.

All I need to do is add the trim at the top and make a slit using a machine buttonhole stitch. Way too tired to do that tonight....

How different does the fabric look with different light? These photos were taken using my iphone with no flash.

I've also selected fabric for another skirt. I'm using the patterned print on the back, shot cottons on the front folds, and the bright coral for trim. Deliciously Gypsy Caravan decor.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Guru Love

I have finished this wallhanging "Guru Love" - started last November - just in time to give away for a birthday gift.

Seven beaded motifs - one for each of the main chakras.

Well, it's finished BECAUSE it's a birthday gift - there is no coincidence!! *grin*

Closeup of Guru and student.

I used saree fabrics for the background and applique. The fabrics were purchased during a trip to India January 2010. An embroidery stabiliser was ironed onto the back of all silk blend fabrics - there was a lot of movement and give in them. It would have been impossible to achieve a pleasing results without stabilisers.

Free-motion machine quilted - cotton fabric on the back - it's so pretty!!!

I love the quilt hanger- it's perfect. I'm thrilled to give this to someone special.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Almost photographed

Hmm... I just realised I haven't really posted a good photo of La Petite Ecole - Persian Tiles. I still haven't managed to post a good photo. It's quite a big quilt!! I think I've got a good place for this at home!!

I'm ready to snuggle up...

It's important for me to try to take good photos of my quilts for this blog - I have them printed into a book each year - that's a record of my quilting journey.

I've been asked to speak at the Geelong guild in two weeks. They want me to talk about my quilting journey - to bring quilts, and talk about what I do, how I've done it..... everything. And it's the early days that I can't remember so well, and I've given so many of the quilts away now.

The ones I grew out of, the ones I could spare for urgent charity quilt drives, the baby quilts I gave away, or healing quilts... I just can't remember them all. I must try to collate all the photos I've taken in one place.

In the meantime, I might talk about some of my past quilts at different times, just to make a record in this journal, and in this woman's quilting history.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

An early morning...

After an early rising the Fast Asian Wallhanging top is complete.

There are four borders: green, blossom, green, then large flowers. Are they peonies or chrysanthemums? I'm not sure.

The back is pieced. Now for the most time-consuming part - the machine quilting.

I'd love to quilt it to death.