Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Keeping busy

Yes, I've been keeping busy... (almost too busy to blog I'm afraid!). My posts seem to be shorter and shorter. Lucky I type fast, otherwise I wouldn't be keeping any kind of journal or record of my quilting and sewing history.

I finished the little bit of hand-stitching required on the kris-kringle pattern folders. (One is for me though!!)These folders are for storing your current project in - or for collecting patterns from magazines, and carrying them around.

Now I have another kris-kringle gift to make!! But, I can't talk about it on here (they might read my blog!!).

I made this pin-cushion (peppermint swirl pincushion) from the free pattern on moda bakeshop. What a nice quick pressie this would be!This next item is NOT a gift, it's for me! It's the latest Heidel chocolate tin. Ahhh.. so sweet! I carry sewing threads and pens in my others.

I haven't bought any in the last few years - the tins were the same. Even the chocolate papers are cute! And you can even eat the chocolate. Fancy that!

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