Monday, 15 November 2010

1950s nostalgia

I am so pleased to have this quilt hanging so that I could take a photo of it in its entirety.
I really don't like trying to take photos of quilts on the clothes line - it all depends on too many things to get the photo right (how long is the grass? how long is the

quilt? where is the sun? is the wind blowing? have birds been sitting on the clothes line wires?) So, I think it's worth the wait to see my finished quilt.Of course, having a photo of this quilt does not make my "finished" list for 2010 any larger, but I sure like that its growing!!

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Karen said...

This is an interesting quilt. I wish the pictures would enlarge as I am having trouble seeing what all the embroideries are. Interesting use of rickrack too. It does look so 50 ish.