Sunday, 5 April 2020

free block 3 love and hugs from Australia stitch a long

It's day 3, and would you believe some people are completing one block a day? I find that I do not have as much free time as usual, as there are 3 children at home... which makes triple the cooking and triple the dishes, and double the usual clothes washing...

and now my feet are double the size, I am FORCED to sit down... so I will be able to show and tell myself soon!!!

Block 3 is by Gail Pan - called Bee Brave.

You can find the link here:

I have been working on all the stems for my Raven applique quilt. Earlier this year I wanted to get it made in time for the Townsville Show (this will not happen this year), and now I just want to get it finished, as a piece I can say "I made that during the quarantine".

I guess that's a question we will be asked forevermore... what did you do in 2020?

Saturday, 4 April 2020

block 2 Love and Hugs from Australia stitch a long

Block 2 from the Love and Hugs from Australia stitch-a-long has been released.

It's a gorgeous block from Libby Richardson. You can do applique or use stitchery.

Click here to get the second block. (you need dropbox for that one)

Friday, 3 April 2020

Looking for a free project to show what you've been up to during the quarantine?

Well hello everyone from Australia. We are in the middle of a global shutdown with more people at home than ever before.

And just what you needed! Aussie stitchers have brought you the Love & Hugs from Australia Stitch-A-Long!! It's a page on facebook. You can find the group here:

This is the first free block by Natalie Bird. You can download it here:

We are all going to be using from our stash, unless you order online or by phone order... I am keen to keep my local shops going so they are open again once we are able to shop and socialise... but I do that pretty regularly anyway!

There is a new block everyday. Be sure to share this round and thank the designers.


Friday, 6 March 2020

When shopping is an event

And 2 days later I wonder why we didn't buy more toilet paper!

And started to think about all the items we usually buy and where they come from, or where the commonly purchased ones come from...

China has pretty much stopped producing stuff, so anything from there will run out soon...

Italy is the next hard hit along with Iran.

Did you see that the coles brand tomato pastes are from China or Italy? So people who usually buy those will move onto the Australian ones and there is going to be a shortage, no matter what you usually buy.

I haven't even thought of the impact on our stitching! I do hope I have enough supplies to keep me going! *Hahahhahaha, what a joke that is!!*

Thursday, 5 March 2020

House update

An exciting update for our house... 12 large frames ready to stand up onto the columns by crane.

The house is going to be very high in the air.

We'd best get going to the gym to make ourselves really fit for the stairs. Hahah

A little bit more wet season to go before we can guarantee the machinery won't get bogged in the mud.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


And suddenly everything changed in Australia, and I should've bought more than 2 packets of toilet paper. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Mystic unicorn

The final quickie panel quilt is finished, these are perfect for the couch or to go over the body on a cold night, as they don't go over the entire bed. 

All 3 children were very excited to use their lap quilts in the air conditioning to watch a movie. (Lovely temperature to cool down in after doing housework).

This one has been quilted in clouds, and once again, I used backing from my stash.

It's been a journey this year! 

11 quilts finished already, and it's the first week in March.

I also have plans to work on the Diamond Hill quilt and the Raven, and a special Easter quilt that I am hoping to have made in time for the Townsville show entires.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Dinosaur quickie

I wish you could see the detail in the panels...

Mum has quilted it in a fern allover pattern.

Backing from my stash.

And that's 2 couch quilts made, with one more to add binding....

Sunday, 1 March 2020


Woohoo, the first of the large panel quilts is complete! This one is for Master almost 10. He put it straight on his bed, and snuggled in.

I made one for each of the children with these beautiful beautiful digital print panels....

Mum (Deep Creek Quilting) professionally quilted it for me with large bubbles all over it. Thanks Mum!

And the backing is also gorgeous! And all out of my stash!

I love stitching the labels down before the quilting, then they remain stuck on forever.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Six bushfire quilts

Really love to see these 6 quilts stacked before they were posted to Jan Mac for the Oz Comfort Quilts group. They have a target primary school, but weren't able to hand them out to every child yet, as there weren't enough boy quilts. 

I had a brainwave that we could use green and black squares to make minecraft quilts for boys aged 8-13. That should be right up their alley, and simple to make also.

Freshly snapped out of my garden, this wonderful tree is flowering all over, and I can't wait to collect some gumnuts.

Friday, 28 February 2020

The Raven update

My go to hand work project!

The blocks need berries... 

Just plugging away in the background, I have run out of the tape I use to make the 1/4 inch strips and waiting for the shop to get more in.

What to do? I will just have to surge forward. Most blocks are prepared and ready to stitch. These are really big measuriang about 50cm square!

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Ohhh the berries

Plugging away at the berries for my handwork....

I've decided it would be great to finish this quilt in time for the Townsville show (just because it gives me a deadline to finish it, and I have so many quilts to make in me still!)

It took an hour to make 9 circles, without stitching them down... I still need to make some in other colours, and I think I need about 70 in total. Oh my!

Pattern credit: The Raven by Blackbird Designs. Fabric choices by me.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Ta-da! Really chuffed to have finished this squirrels quilt for Master 4. It;s fresh, bright and yet, won't show the dirt! Hahahaha.

And it's his favourite colours. 

Even the back turned out to be pretty trippy with the mix up of pieces from the $5 doona cover cut up.

Most importantly, my little boy is sleeping under his big boy quilt made with love.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Irregular shoe drool

Well, I was drooling over Irregular Shoes a year ago when I was in Melbourne, recently shared some images of them online, and so when I went to see Tracey and Wazza, Waz said I had to hang on while he rushed out to show me these!

He bought Tracey shoes! They just came back from Melbourne, and she has a few pairs. Ohhh my!

A flat pair also, which I am looking forward to seeing next time.

*Blessed are the shoemakers (and wearers).

Sunday, 23 February 2020


Eep! Eep! (or whatever noise squirrels make), I have finished the blocks and the joining has begun!

I might even have enough fabric to make a matching smaller quilt for his toddler bed.

Love love love the purplish, lime, whites and brights that are making this pop!

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Is that my blanket?

"Mum, is that my blanket?"
Yes!! Woohoo!! Master 4 has already recognised that I am making his quilt. Music to the ears of a creatrix.
Every maker's desire is for the finished product to be enjoyed and cherished with as much delight as she had in the creative process.
This is an 11 inch square set out as a mini quilt sandwich with 3 layers: the back, the wadding and the top fabric. Once it's quilted as a mini quilt all the blocks are joined together to make a pattern.
See that funny little plastic thing? It's a quilters essential item. In the old days a quilter used a sharpened bone to mark straight lines for cross hatching, and that is where she would stitch.
This Hera marker is the modern day version of the bone. It's plastic, and shaped kind of like its predecessor. It marks a crease in the layers that isn't visible after stitching and if you make a mistake it steams out with the iron. I haven't found anything I like better for marking quilts in my 24 years in crafting them.
Creating 9 of these little squirrel blocks is today's project. I'm so happy that 4yo is already going "nuts" over it.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Fairy QAYG number 2 for my daughter.

I was looking at the quilts on my children's beds... I have made 6 bushfire quilts this year, and my children haven't had a new quilt for almost 5 years.

So I put aside the feeling that I had to make them something super special as an heirloom, and decided to make something quick they will love and enjoy while they are young enough!

Take 2 of the fairy QAYG started for Miss almost 9.

I had another panel and plenty of fabric left to make surrounding blocks.

These are her colours, and I've finished the quilt, I just need to get it hung up for a full photo. 

The night she lay in bed under it for the first time she was snuggled under it so happy, and she said "Are you sure the bushfire kids don't need this quilt Mummy?" My heart melted, because she really was happy under it, but was offering it to others. I told her I had made 6 for the bushfire kids, and I would make more during the year, but I had made this one for her especially, and her eyes were like laser beams of love. My dear Shelley x

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Squirrel quilt

First peek at the QAYG pallette for my 4yo. I asked if he liked the squirrels, he said yes, so I pulled fabrics to go with it, and so excited to start!!

Will cut the backs and batting for the blocks next.

The Cars quilt

And then suddenly it's a week later, but the cars quilt is completely finished!

Quilt number 6 for the bushfires, and my last for a little while as it's time to get these sent off and ready to be hand distributed.

When I see the entire quilt, it's amazing to think that it started with a car print as inspiration!

Easier to see it up close, I love the orange sashing.

And even more striking is the back, made from $5 cotton doona covers and strips of solids I had on hand. I have been using up lots of old fabrics I had hanging around!

Bushfire quilt for Oz Comfort Quilts.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Art by a 4yo

So proud of my little boy's first drawings with limbs and faces!! 

In his favourite colours!

And another little masterpiece. He starts each day at the easel. I love his artistic streak. Maybe I should start taking pieces of fabric in for him to paint!!!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Two more altar cloths/table centres

This first altar cloth was dreamy so stitch... I added fun hair, stars and swirls in the space, and accentuated the rays... It's like the origin of woman!

And Malificient is so magnificient. I had so much fun creating her. 

She is already on her way to her new home... I will have to make one for myself sometime, as she is the Fae of magickal protection.

Monday, 10 February 2020

A bit too white

I took my son to his music and values class, and the teacher has written a book titled I Love My Body. So when I saw this very white t-shirt I snapped it up to wear to the gym... But... it was too white, so the teacher sprayed it for me with a multitude of pretty fabric paints, and now I am so ready to wear it. I just love it.  I might even wear it to belly dance classes.

So far I have finished 4 entire quilts (almost 5), and so I felt I deserved a little bit of Stash Enhancement on an Expedition (S.E.X.) - does anyone use that term anymore?

The cars print is the feature print for my next QAYG bushfire recovery quilt. I have lots of scraps, and this will really bring the colours together and give a theme.

And this bird print had to come home. I adore birds in fabric and quilts. I wonder what I will make with it!

And these celestial stripes. I might have to buy more of that... I just love love love it. And I love it quilted, it's so tactile, and brings me joy to touch it, and run my hands over quilting, so a little bag isn't going to ring my bells with these. I am so in the mood to make quilts and table runners and whatnot.

 Okay, the batting didn't arrive today, but I cut up my son's old cot bumpers and reclaimed the batting for the borders! And I have enough for that! Looking forward to getting it finished tonight!