Saturday, 18 July 2009

Easy as Cherry Pie...

I started this quilt in August 2008. Do you remember the fabrics?

Mum quilted it for me last month... and now, I've added a binding with a difference.

Here is a word of warning for anyone wanting to put ric-rac in their quilts. Long-arm quilting machines do NOT like it!! Mum had to quilt around it.... Sorry Mum!!

I used a pre-made ruffle for the "binding". All you have to do is trim your quilt, then "insert" the quilt edge between the two layers above the ruffles. I used a twin-needle to attach this edging, which makes a zig-zag at the back, so it should be strong.

I am really pleased to have a finish to add to this year's list!!


Unknown said...

My Goodness! They are two colours that I would never ever have thought to put together - but gee - they work beautifully! LOve the frilled binding!



Ann Ferguson said...

Love this quilt! Ann.

Karen said...

Very nice!

Sweet P said...

Awesome quilt! I love the red and yellow combination.

Jeanne said...

I really like it with the ruffle! Nice finish.