Sunday, 3 August 2008

The big list appears

I finished my mystery quilt top. I need to piece the backing and hand over to Mum for quilting on the longarm. It's such a big quilt that I couldn't photograph it properly. It covers the top of our King size bed.

This is the final picture of the mystery quilt designed by Cathy Stevenson.

Here is part of my final quilt - the colours are very different! Mine are all repro fabrics, but they are vivid and bright. Not one bit of brown.

But I must go ACK! again!! I found 3 UFOs today that I had completely forgotten about... so I bit the bullet and made the big list. It's on the right column down the bottom. There to haunt me until the numbers go down somewhat. *sigh*. I am not panicking. Not yet.

I won the 6 redwork squares Christmas 2006 or 2007 at our end of year do... still to make them into something.

These baskets are made from 1930s feedsacks. I have made 42. I have fabric for 2 more baskets I think - but that's an odd number. I must check my design plan.

Also found the eau de nil or 1930s green fabric I bought to go with it. Was it for sashing or binding??? We are talking about 2 years ago. Sandra, Rosie, Andrea and I all started working on our feed sack quilts together.

Finally, I found a stack of 1930s squares cut out to make a baby quilt Irish chain.


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Brave woman. I made my first UFO list last year and was stunned to find I had more than 3 projects going :). That's what I'd always told myself so that was what I believed. Your embroider and applique are just beautiful, thanks for sharing, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Lisar said...

Congratulations on starting your blog Lorraine....I also started mine last month....I daren't write a lits of my UFOS'....I suspect I would have just as many as well as my PNS's (projects not started!!!!)

Cathy said...

Very impressive UFO list.... Its a bit scary writing it all down isnt it.... Cathyxx

Lyn said...

Hello Lorraine, thank you for leaving a comment.Believe me, I only have a very small space and share the study. I become very frustrated because I have to pack away what I am working on.Congrats on your blog. I was a lurker for twelve months before, I started mine in May. Warmest Regards Lyn