Friday, 15 August 2008

The French Collection

This is one of the four projects I am currently focussed on. I have completely stitched 14 out of 15 blocks, with just a smidgeon left to do on the last one. I am waiting for the fabric to arrive, then I need to work out the setting to place them all in a quilt, well... wallhanging really. It would be just my luck to roll over in bed and break a porcelain button... wouldn't that be much worse than toast crumbs in the bed?

It's been really cold here and I have had 3 quilts on the bed as well as a doona (yes, we have central heating now, but we don't set it onto "sweaty" and we turn it off at night). My DH only has one quilt on his side - that's where quilts of different sizes really come in handy!

I have been using: my suprise wedding quilt, luxembourg, and the kaffe and liberty UFO that still needs binding.. tee hee.

That reminds me of a couple of years ago when Rosie and I spent an afternoon spray-basting quilts ready for quilting. Rosie went out that evening and when she got home her grown-up daughter was using the quilt intended for her quilt already. "It's not quilted yet" said Rosie to her daughter... like that would stop her using it!


Vivien said...


I love your blog and I just love this stitchery that you are working on. Would it be possible for you to let me know where you purchased this from as I would love to do that too. My email is Thanks. quilts are my passion and this year I am finally getting around to setting up my business again, I teach, and my boys have converted my garage into my studio. I am so fortunate. I have a blog www.the sawmillersdaughter.blogspot. there is not much there just yet but in the next few weeks I will be loading lots of photos. Regards, Vivien

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks so much for your comments Vivien,I look forward to seeing more of your blog as it develops.

Google "french collection stitchery" to find suppliers. The stitcheries come with the buttons.

Loz in Oz