Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Add this to the list!! (er.. the small one over there...)

I actually have completed more than 3 projects this year (see list on the side), and I plan to post them all to counterbalance that dreadful UFO list. I am still in shock (and still adding to said large list when I think of something else!)

This is a stitchery quilt I finished this year - "Love Is" - designed by Rosalie Quinlan. Mum quilted it on the Statler stitcher with swirly hearts all over it, but she was able to "cut away" around the bits I stitched solid, this meant they were stitched around - not over. It's great Mum got her longarm last year - She has done about 10 of my quilt tops already. My dearly beloved husband is holding the quilt for me for this photo so it's not very flat. Never mind!

Still working on the 4 chosen projects (French Collection, red white yellow cherries, 2007 mystery quilt and Celebrate December), although I have 2 quilts that only need binding. I might machine the binding one today so I can take it to hand-stitch tonight at my quilting group.

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