Thursday, 5 October 2017

Candy Cane the witchy unicorn

Meet "Candy Cane". I love her carousel horse body made with Kaffe fabric.

She is stirring up a witchy brew for Halloween. That's her wand.

Halloween doesn't have to be scary. I love the way the mystic trees in the border came out.

This little beauty ended up on a lucky lady's bed, and she looks amazing there.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Love Has Wings

Hello everyone,

this uni-cushion is a commission piece from my cousin for her mother's best friend. 

The best friend loves unicorns, and is receiving cancer treatments.

 My cousin loves her mother, and this cushion was not only made to comfort her mother, but the best friend too.

Cushions can do that. They are a cuddly in bed or on the couch.

I named it "Love Has Wings", perfectly conveying the sentiments from my cousin, and her mother (my aunt).

Sunday, 1 October 2017


Hello everyone. I have had an absolute blast making this mini art quilt in a frenzy. Inspiration was so strong, that it just had to come out.

I had no idea who it was for...

Not sure whether the unicorn is afraid or just startled or mesmerised by the sacred geometry merkaba.

 First I quilted the piece, then I applique/quilted the unicorn down, and added free motion quilting details.

Once finished, I love it to pieces, although I have no space or use for it myself, and it was made with such urgency that I feel sure it is going to a loved home.

N.B. Yes, it did go to a special home. I love it when that happens

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Skulls and Roses cushion 2

I love this combination of the quilted skulls and appliqued roses SO MUCH that I had to make another one.... 

Ooh...... it's almost too much excitement!

I must buy some more of this roses fabric.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

A new quilt is coming

What did I tell you happens when I have been sewing away at all those zipper bags? 

Yes, you guessed it. In the mood to make a quilt. These have been in my stash for 5 years and are coming out to make a quilt for my brother"out" law and his partner.
I would like to finish it by Christmas, so I had better get my skates on!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Kokka and Love bags

What to do with some pretty linen look kokka print fabric swatches?

There is only one thing TO do! Hahahahah.. more zipper bags.

A pretty European feel, and a lovely poppy lining...

And a tiny skerrick of this fabric with love written on it in gold, and it's off the the UK for my Soul Twin as a gift after she had a bit of a mishap, part of a care package. I love her so.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Feeling zippy

I am pretty sure I mentioned that these are some of my favourite items to make, and so I have been absoloutely running with them after the arrival of my bulk zipper order in the mail.

Zips are over $1 each in spotlight, and these cost me only 10c each including the postage, well worth buying 100 in one colour.

 And now I get to enjoy stitching up some little padded bags from pretty fabrics that needed to be used and loved.
The ones above were left over from my stash in another state, and needed to be used up before they are no longer fashionable!

ooh, this little remnant makes a pretty bag...

And yes, I have a few more cheeky items in store.... These make me giggle.

Floral table centre

I found one US fat quarter of this stunning Phillip Jacobs fabric in my stash. It was too pretty to cut up, and I wanted to make something for an online market with a Spring theme.

 I free motion quilted and outlined it, and it is just AMAZING.

I had such a low price on it and it hardly got a look in. It was indeed a lesson to me that people don't put a value on skill and time.

So I decided to keep it and enter it into the local agricultural show where it will probably win a prize, and become worth something even more valuable.

I am so glad I am keeping it for myself. It will add a splash of colour into my dining or lounge room without changing my furniture or artwork on the walls.

Blessed springtime to you all.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Travelling bags

These padded bags are one of my favourite things to make. 

Useful, gender neutral... and a matching set.

When I want to get into the sewing zone, all I have to do is start quilting some of these bags and the new ideas flow.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Two Cheeky Monkeys

 It's the best feeling to finish a quilt!

 Here is my cheeky monkey, with the cheeky monkey quilt which is a gift for my 7yo son's teacher's boy.

 Her boy is about the same age as this one, so he's a great model.
 Amazing how something that took up so little space as some jelly roll strips has turned into this huge quilt.
 Not that it's really huge, but it does take up quite a lot of space compared to a few strips.
 Hanging onto it until Christmas!

 Whee! Head first!

 Bit of crazy styling trying to get nice pics.

 This one is pretty good after all.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Dreamcatcher Quilt Finished!

Here it is, the completed Dreamcatcher quilt.

 These are the most beautiful green fabrics, and I just cannot get them to photograph well enough.

I tried shade, sun, under the verandah. That's it. They just won't photograph well.

I had hoped to make a few more out of these fabrics, but they are destined to become bag linings if they don't look in photos.

Measuring about 1 metre squared, I love the way it has turned out.

This is a quilt on hand, waiting for its recipient.

NB. 1st February 2018 this quilt was gifted to my dear friend Jayde Thompson.

Getting excited

I really enjoyed quilting this, but oh, what a lot of time it took. Now I remember why I love getting Mum to quilt them for me!

Oh that exciting moment when the quilting is finished, and all it needs is binding!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A different kind of cheeky...

So I have been making a "cheeky monkey" quilt for a 2yo, and then for something different, I've made a couple of these cheeky bags.
 With a fun accent lining fabric... and I described these bags as padded bags for transporting, storing and protecting portable electrical items. Bzzzz... hahahhehehehahehe...
 Very cheeky indeed!

I find the quilting part to be very relaxing.
And another fabric print to make into more favourite prick bags!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Cheeky Monkey started

I had these cheeky monkey strips left from part of a jelly roll I bought to make a Christening quilt for a little girl. I used all the pink sections of the jelly roll to make her quilt. Click here to see "Pink Bananas".

I've pulled most of the fabrics left from the jelly roll to make a lap quilt.

This quilt is a gift for my 7yo son's teacher, for her 2yo boy. Miss Capstick has given our boy so much love during all his hours at school, while her 2yo Blake is at daycare. 

I wanted to give her some of my hours to show we appreciate the hours she has spent. Plus,I really love a project. Hahahaha. 

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Belly Dance Life

I promised a picture of myself in tribal belly dance outfit. This is as close as it gets at this stage, this is a selfie.

Professional photos will come in around December.

I had a smashing time, danced for hours and hours... and enjoyed every costume change. I even had time to do 3 other people's professional makeup before the concert started.

Quilt till you wilt

I am really enjoying the process of creating the green dreamcatcher quilt.

Now that I've quilted in the dreamcatcher, I don't really want to cover the feathers with fabric as was the original plan... this project has a mind of its own!

While it chooses what to do next, I made the Tea Rose apron with adjustable straps, so that Mummy's and their Mini Mes could both have a turn!

Mini Me!