Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Stockings... just in time

Well, I just got these made in time for Christmas...

Something has happened to blogger and I can't figure out how to rotate these images! If you know hw to change them, please add a comment below :)....
 Rhette and Shelley each have a machine quilted Christmas stocking... It feels so good to be enjoying sewing, I love having time, space and motivation to sew once again!
I have bought another 2 identical stocking panels, who knows I might need them by next Christmas!!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Graduation time - bring back the Sewjo Mojo

Graduation night... I am a fully qualified beauty therapist! I would love to work from home - there would be a lot more sewing time if I don't have to drive everyday. Oh yes.
It's been such a year of frantic full time study. I'm afraid my sewing escapades were significantly affected.

However, my mojo is back... and I am ready to Sew.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Let it Sew!

Guess who has more room to move and can now get out the sewing machine? Me! That's who! 
 This is the first part of Australian Christmas bunting. I will need to add pom poms along the front, but those are in storage. They can always be added later.

 These Aussie Christmas stocking panels are spray basted. I'll be sewing those in the next couple of weeks.... first I need to finish some exams and then I'll be SEW Happy!

Loads and loads of sewing plans.... Watch this space! I think it's about to get busy again! Yay!

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Things change in life, and sometimes they are big changes. One of the biggest changes in my life would be the appearance of two car seats in my car. How wonderful!

Two little superheroes in my life were running around with extra large teatowels as Batman superhero capes.... awwww... so cute! 
and so what to do but make them some capes? Shelley is Purple Star. Rhette is Red Flash. But you know kids, they are still Batman capes to them. Bless 'em!

It's taken 4 weeks for me to get a photo of the capes while they are clean and not being worn. ;)