Wednesday, 10 June 2009

1930s aprons

Well, these aren't quite from the 1930s... but they are from 1930s prints! I love this fabric!
The main blue floral print is a fat quarter, then you add borders around the bottom with a mitred edge...
then make straps, baste them onto the front of the apron, then make a lining, bag it and turn through.

The top of the apron is folded down - I am going to add a fabric-covered button to hold folded down.

Andrea and I are going to run a workshop at our local quilt group. Too fun!!


Janet said...

what a clever idea for an apron and it will be a fun class, wish I was there to take it, that would be one gift less to do this year!

Fay said...

Love the easy pattern. Look like something Grandma would have worn.
Bought a book the other day called Jane Austen's Sewing Box that is a reference and pattern book explaining the role of sewing in the Regency era and the ettiquite involved with same. Nice easy read combining history and sewing.