Monday, 29 June 2015

I was diddled!

This week I've been diligently stitching the cross-stich for this cushion cover. I wanted to give it as a gift this coming weekend. I hoped to finish it last night, then post it today.
 But noooo..... the kit did not supply enough yarn... and darned it if it's acrylic not wool. I feel diddled!
 Can you see the "bald patches"?

I thought I'd cut it down smaller. But my Sweetheart has been watching me stitch, and he says "No flipping way are you cutting half of it off. You've spent hours on that. Just go and buy some matching wool."

Ah. That's an idea. Spotlight had no tapestry wool skeins (oh my, it must be really out of fashion these days).
I found some 100% wool that is only 8 ply (needs to be about 12 ply), and is kind of the same colour. I am hoping that if I double the wool, it won't be very noticeable as it's on the outer edge.

This fabric was in the furnishings remnants, and I think will be smashing for the back, with a zipper closure. Shopping today also included the cushion insert.

It's sooo close to being finished my fingers are itching! Alas, at night time, I am better off hand sewing, and this evening I worked on the Swedish Baby Quilt once again, (another "deadline"). Oh dear. How do we create such deadlines for ourselves?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bump! Bump!

Bump! Bump!

I've finished making the cot bumper, measured to fit onto our cot. I designed it to come up a little higher than that in the pattern. My idea is to keep out "little gifts" of food and toys from Miss 4 and Master 5 that might be dangerous for a little baby.

I love the fresh sherbet lemon. Zinger!!

I originally saw cot bumpers in a huge baby department store, and I loved them. So I bought a pattern earlier this year, and the fabric. Then I fluffed about for a while without making them.

I really felt like finishing something for our baby. I cannot wait to design a beautiful nursery for our baby! I am in the decorating-nesting zone (as opposed to the cleaning one). And yet, our new home won't be ready until our new bub is at least 3 months old. In the meantime I am D
REAMing of decorating our home while I have space for the sewing machine. Once our baby is born, there will be no space (and perhaps no time either) for the sewing machine until we move into our new environs. Anticipating the sewing I will want to have completed, I am in a surge of creativity for our little bub.

I've also made 3 muslin wraps (it's a bit too hot for flannel wraps here in Far North Queensland), and expect I will need to make more.

I'm also thinking about making burp cloths, a portable change mat, bibs and rompers.

I wanted to make a hanging nappy stacker too, but Sweetheart said "Darling, after you have made curtains, cushions, wallpaper and whatever else you want to make, then make the nappy stacker. This is a nappy stacker. *points to disposable nappies in original packaging* Swapping them into another bag is double handling you won't have time for."

Hmm... heh heh... he is a sensible man... x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Introducing.... the Love Bird Quilt

It's a great feeling to finish a quilt, and give it to a loved one. All I had to do was trim it and stitch the binding - I did that in the last few days.

Colour Me Happy is finished, and has been named "The Love Bird Quilt". Mum quilted an allover love bird design on it for me.

I chose cotton batting to suit the Far North Queensland climate. We (Gail and I) had a nap under it this afternoon, and it was the perfect weight to provide that satisfying feeling of cosiness, but not too hot and heavy.

Don't worry Sweetheart, you won't be tripping over it as it won't stick out from under our bed anymore. xo

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

It's been such a leisurely week working on the quilt for my baby. I haven't felt the need to rush. There have been no deadlines. Ahhh.

Then I came to the point where I wondered quite how to complete the corners. Will I do half flowers? Will there be half hexies? Will I applique the edge to strips of straight fabric?

And I kind of slowed down.... did some knitting on my baby's cardigan.

Then I thought to myself: "Hey, Lorraine. Your sister's baby shower is only a few weeks away, and you were going to finish the cross-stitch cushion for a gift in early July. And what about the cot bumpers you've started on the sewing machine? The sewing machine will go away for a few months in a short while." Then my Sweetheart started tripping on the handles of the quilt bag under our bed that contains the Colour Me Happy quilt for the new MIL. Hmm... I need to trim the quilt and add the binding.

And so I will need to shelf my baby quilt for a little while... *sigh*

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sew much to show and tell

What a fab weekend we had at Magnetic Island. How wonderful to have uninterrupted sewing time!
Two frames were added to "My Love Horsies". The yellow chain extends beyond the blocks now, and is much more effective.
The Nature side of "My Love Horsies" was pieced. The blue frames allow the panel pieces to float. I am very happy with the way the fabrics have combined, even though they could have been a jumbled mess. I think the large pieces were the key.
It's not really the Reverse side, or the Back, as the quilt is designed to be double sided. Shelley can choose whether she wants the whimsical side or the Nature side up on her bed. I think she may have to wait a year or so before the quilt goes on her bed, as she was colouring in her sheets with texta colours last week. I am not so sure I want her to be colouring in a specially made quilt!
The holiday house at Magnetic Island.
This was the $5 optional project - chicken in a tutu. I've fused it on to stitch later. I think I'll use it as a cover for a project folder. The suprise theme for the weekend was chickens!
And an update on my Baby Quilt. 8 blocks completed. Next I need to start joining them, as I might only need some half blocks to obtain the desired size. I hope to have my Baby Quilt finished in the next 2 weeks, then finish the Swedish Baby Quilt for my sister. Her shower is about a month away.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Vanilla Pathway

Loving the hexagon progress. Currently packing projects to take away for the long weekend for a retreat on Maggie Island, and decided to take the vanilla as a pathway between the flowers.

I wonder how much I'll get finished! Quite exciting really, it's been years since I've been on a quilting retreat. I hope to have lots of Show and Tell.

It's so fabulous having the mini-stash that Mum brought interstate for me. A real source of inspiration, and I will be able to finish off some applique blocks that have needed tweaking for quite some time.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fun with hexagons

Oh! I am LOVING hand piecing hexagons.....
 Four flowers have been stitched. I love the blend of soft and bold colours and prints.
So bright and fresh for a baby quilt.

Going on retreat this Long Weekend I am preparing more hexies to sew. I plan to take knitting too (baby cardigan), and a Civil War Bride applique block. We are getting there by ferry, and I don't fancy this pregnant woman will be easily able to lug along a big sewing machine. And so, handwork we have. I am quite tempted to take some superhero fat quarters along and make a fat quarter quilt... but really.. hmm... that will require more thinking....

Also thinking ahead, I am wondering about hand sewing after Baby is born. There will be no space to machine sew until our new home is finished (months later). I'd like to prepare lots of handwork for a time when I imagine I will enjoy quiet relaxing time just for Mummy. Applique and stitchery will be ideal. I am currently researching and found this smashing book Quilt A New Christmas.

 I particularly love the Christmas stockings.....
 And the bird table runner or wallhanging...

These projects would be wonderful from fat quarter packs or 5 inch squares.
Anyway, I think I'll have to get the book.... It's Love.