Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Rain Days

The rain fell and fell and fell.

We were worried about the power going off. I was so relieved and satisfied to have so much fresh, frozen and long life food on hold in case we were blocked off for a long time. We can get blocked off from the road in wet season.

I needed some distraction. Look at this beautiful, sumptious velvet. Pure wool velvet I bought at less than half price. I needed a lot of metreage for this project, and would never have bought it at $50 per metre.

Tentatively, I took the first stitches..... I wanted to really focus on this while stitching, to give it the attention it needed to work and turn out beautifully.

Slow and steady, zigazagging edges too...

Would you look at the lint you get from a glowing wool velvet after only one bobbin of sewing!!!

And then this plush and fluffy hood lining and cuffs....

Oh! Look at these colours together!!!

But this only distracted me for a little while....

The wet came 2 months early, and we were relieved that we had half the holes for the house footings concreted., although the other half were filling with mud and water and were constantly caving in.

Salvaging the holes by sucking out water and mud then filling with more concrete increases the cost of the build, and we were worried about the rising level of the water.

For a while, we kept our eyes on the water levels by pulling on the cardboard that had been the formwork for the concrete footings.  The air and water were warm as you can see.

Fresh rain water, checking out what was floating along, and a little boy loving the splash and fun in the water.

Let's hope it eases up soon.

Saturday, 19 January 2019


It's all about balance... and I enjoyed embellishing two towels with the yin yang.

A simple applique, transforms  these into something special.

And look at the difference before and after accessories with this tree spirit altar cloth.
 Using intention, I have created a crystal grid with the cloth! This harnesses the power of the tree spirit, the crystals and whatever else I have called upon.

I love creating these kinds of tools. Does this look like a rain tree to you?

Love Rainey x


When the mood strikes, Mummy must go for it... intuition was telling me to buy some towels, so we went to get them....

Lots and lots of towels! And they also make great cushions in the trolley!

First one made is a witches hat, with feather, crystal and pentagram details.

Love this colour and the soft fluffiness of the towel.

Appliqued onto the towel with freehand machine embroidery details and hand rendering.

And of course the triple goddess, I made 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels in this colour and style, as they are a favourite.

Yesterday was a very special day at our place... the first half of the house footings were concreted, which is such a relief. We are expecting the rains in February March and we needed to have these holes filled by then.

A very exciting time for us all. After this we set up the next half of the holes.

Family life is wonderful!

With a new house on the horizon, I have thoughts racing away about the home decorating. I have been happy to put new quilts for the children on hold until the house is built, so that they have new ones for their new room.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019


 It's a proud Mummy moment when Master 3 years and 3 months is crafty too... His fine motor skills are astounding. Look at the attention to detail in the painting!

And of course, that gives Mummy more time to work on her own creations....

Combine his painting with a bit of play dough time, and Mummy sits here sewing to create this!

 This is Bast, Egyptian goddess of protection, and of course cats.

Appliqued onto a shimmery gold art nouveau fabric (which inspired me, because at in the 1920s when art deco was in full swing, the Egyptian artifacts were being discovered by British archaeologists, and became all the rage).

Look at the difference a few artifacts can make on this altar cloth.
Candles, crystals, smudge tools... perfect! I had to make four of these!

Love Rainey x

Monday, 7 January 2019

Triple Goddess

This is the Triple Goddess.

Maiden. Mother. Crone.

Three phases of womanhood, traced by the phases of the moon. The spiral or rebirth is freehand embroidered on her stomach.

 The difference between an altar cloth is how you dress it... you can make it into a sacred space, just with the cloth or mat.

But as soon as you add the power of flowers or foliage, crystals, and smudge it clean, it transforms into a magickal mini space.

The last few days have been very interesting in the yard... there is a peacock, and a peahen... and they've been looking for a place to nest. Right here! So exciting! I wonder if we will see peachicks!

Peacocks... ooh, what an inspiration!!!

I wonder what I will make next!

Love Rainey x

Sunday, 6 January 2019

A new addition

Some days there is no new sewing to show, because it's all about the family....

Today we welcomed Spicy the puppy to the family.

 She needed a bath too...

These hot days are spent by sitting in the geese water and relaxing....

And at the end of the day, going to bed with your new puppy, sleeping under the giraffe quilt that was a present from dear Sue, and the banans in pyjamas quilt, which was gifted by Grandma.

 ZZZZZZ... this is what quilts are for.

Love Rainey x

Friday, 4 January 2019

The Sassy Kitchen Witch

The kitchen witch... she is revered in parts of Europe, and oft times travellers abroad will return with puppets or dolls to hang in the kitchen - a Kitchen Witch.

But what is she really?

To me, a Kitchen Witch brings love, healing, nurturing of the family to the process of Cooking.

She stirs in intention and wellness when making healing broths and soups, she uses salt to keep evil away, she brings love to her family with each meal she makes.

So why have a gnarly old witch on your apron when you can have a sassy firey one instead?

I have made a few of these... Just love caring for my family. It's a popular item already. I will be making more of these, indeed.

Love Rainey, the Sassy Kitchen Witch x

Thursday, 3 January 2019

The journey that is 2019

Happy New Year to all!!

I've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break, but also enjoyed some stitching as you can see... And look at this big pile of mail I have to post!

I've been making so many items to share, that my little business is keeping me busy!

I love these little bags for ipads, headphones, kindles or phones and charger cords.

 They keep everything together, and making them satisfies my need to quilt something. Hahahahahaha.

I've also made a few of these little Ruby Slipper bags. I designed these drawstring bags to be used for tarot or oracle cards, but they are also used for storing amulets, wands, moon cups, crystals, or other items precious to you.

I've always felt empowered by the feel that I have encapsulated in this bag.

"The Power was with you all along, you just had to discover it for yourself"... It is in the journey that we fear, we become brave, we face the fears, we conquer them and we are transformed into a triumphant new Self!

I love this scene, because you can see the road, and the rainbow at the end...

I painted the shoes with 5 coats of sparkly glitter to make them really sparkle. I really do love this. And so does everyone else! I made 4 of them!!

Welcome to the journey of 2019. May all be as it should be for us all.

Love Rainey

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year blessings

Feeling totally blessed to notice the 11:11 time stamp on the car while driving with the family for a special visit to somewhere damp and cool on a hot subtropical Summer's day.

The beloved decided to take us somewhere special... I think it was for me really... sooo serene and peaceful...

I do hope the video works.
 Wallaman Falls.  A bit of tranquility, and connection to Spirit always gets my creative juices flowing...

I wonder what I will make next!

Love Rainey x