Monday, 22 September 2008

Turn up the wireless

Friday I brought home a book for my "holiday reading" over the next 2 weeks... I finished it Saturday! LOL!! I've got a pile of about 5 or 6 others to go on with.

So, I haven't done as much stitching as I thought I might on the Mammy stitcheries.

The green pen is where I have traced the images onto a textured-look fabric. I tried to trace onto osnaberg, but the images already needed reversing (so I was looking at the back of the page) so they didn't show up through the weave.

I have another 2 pictures to trace off. Let's see what we get done!! Stitcheries are sooo easy!

However, I do have some of my own spring cleaning to do too... I'd better turn up my wireless while I vacuum.

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