Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chained together

I have finished piecing the centre of the quilt. I guess you know what I mean when I say "the quilt", I have talked about it every day this week. VBG. It stretches over our king-sized bed without borders, but if we tried to sleep under it, let's just say only one of us would be warm.

The purple sashing looks fabulous (well, I am very happy with it). These photos just don't do it justice though. I have taken some close-ups for a better look.

Some of the prints give a lot of movement and direction to the quilt.

I have sooo many more reproduction fabrics I haven't used in this quilt.. yet!! Just wait for the borders.

I am still undecided on a name for the quilt. I quite like the name "Vintage Chain", but because I already have a quilt named "Vintage Log Cabin" I think I would like a variation on that theme.
Song titles are milling around my head:
Chain Of Fools, Afternoon Delight (who said something about Delighted Chain because it's light?), Unchain My Heart, Take These Chains From My Heart... ooh, that's not bad. "Take These Chains". Hey, what a good name for a wedding quilt!!! LOL!!


Made by Andrea said...

I am in love with your quilt! It ranks right up there as one of my favourites! Hugs, Andrea

Fey said...

It looks amazing Lorraine.
The blocks were all so different but when you put them together with the sashing they just find themselves working beautifully together. Like Archimedes in his bathtub. How about the "Eureka chain quilt"? ;)

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks for your comments Andrea.

Fay, that's a great name for the quilt. It reflects that it was made in Australia too - the Eureka Stockade was held in Victoria in the 1850s.