Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Me and Da Vinci

I really am enjoying blogging. It is inspiring for me. I have finished 22 projects this year. More than half of them have been in the last 3 months since I started blogging.

Yesterday my list of UFOs (now at 35 after I found a few lurking around) was getting me down. Then I read this post by Sharyn. I had forgotten about Da Vinci's books full of designs and ideas that were never made or were started and unfinished. It's a nice comparison: me and my quilts, Da Vinci and his projects.

I have been listening to the John Marsden "Tomorrow" series on audio books. I am up to the 6th volume. When does an author run out of ideas to write? Probably never. Do they use a finish to spur them on? And, there are so many genres to try: horror, narrative, mystery, lonestar, double wedding ring.... Just like me again.

Some musicians are prolific - they bring out a new album every year. Others take 3 years to write one album. It's just like finishing the blocks, then the borders, then the quilting... to make a finished quilt.

What am I rattling on about??? Mum started a blog!! YAY MUM!!!

Yesterday I found out my cousin had her 3rd son. How inconsiderate of her! I had a girl quilt ready to go. Oh well, I just had to start another one. The eldest boy is about 4, he has an I Spy quilt. The second boy is not quite 1 year old, he has little cowpokes on his quilt. This little boy is having fun-fun. Well.... here's a start.

I found some leftover Dick and Jane fabrics in a bag while spring-cleaning.

This is all I've done so far.

We are still cleaning and sorting like mad. Last night my DH cleaned out 4 shelves of the pantry! Would you believe we had 2 shelves of tea and coffee? This is a great excuse to sit down for a cup of tea. "Honey, I am helping. I am cleaning out the pantry."


Quiltycat said...

Cleaning can be quite a voyage of discovery can't it? DH cleaned out the cupboard under the sink in the Sunbury house a few weeks ago. Now that cupboard can be a scary place to go! It seems while you guys are cornering the world market on tea and coffee, we have all the scouring pads, sponges and Spray N Wipe that anyone is ever going to need!!
The blocks for the quilt look great. C

Made by Andrea said...

Wow! I think we have competing UFO lists!

I just love the Dick and Jane blocks you have made, they are gorgeous!


LauraJ said...

hello! i love finding lost things when cleaning up! i like your scrap bag there! And yes I make those little sock monkies myself!

The Calico Cat said...

I must be a bit like Da Vinci too... (Need to follow that link...)

I have that Dick & Jane - still no idea what to do with it, I only with that I got the "go withs" when they were readily available. (I have thought of several things to do with those...)