Tuesday, 2 September 2008

And 8 makes 46

When does 8 make 46? 8 more blocks gives a total of 46!! I had already cut these out on Sunday, so they were easy to put together last night.

Andrea gave me some suggestions to name this quilt:

Vintage Chain
Scrappy Chain
Delighted Chain (‘cos the chain squares are light!)

and so did Rosie:
"Nicklandrea, instead of Nicklodeon? Or, something in the line of Easier Than It Looks, sort of theme? Because its looks harder than it looks, and it would look even better when put together".

I am still quite tickled when I think of "moustaches". Maybe I can call it "Mr. Somebody's Moustaches". Who could it be? or "Delighted Chain of Moustaches" to combine Rosie and Andrea's suggestions.

I hope so many consecutive posts on the progress of one quilt does not become boring to read, but I do love to see the progression of quilts on quilter's blogs. I like to see the stacks of fabric... cutting on the mat... seams under the machine. I haven't included any of those... Watching a quilt emerge from a progression of blocks can make you want to dig out a UFO and work on it! (Go baby go!!)

I needed some lighter and brighter blocks in the mix, so most of these are brighter. I have some more mustardy yellows ready to go. Now, where is my cutter? Or would that be a razor if this is still about moustaches?


Lyn said...

Good Morning, I love what you have done with the Civil War Fabric blocks. I have a deep love of these fabrics,you have chosen your colours well. Regards Lyn PS thank you for your comment on my site

Sharyn said...

Looking forward to seeing them put together! I love this block because when put together it automacally moves the eye across the quilt, always a good thing! Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thank you so much for your comments! Positive feedback - what an affirmation!! I've got another 5 blocks cut out ready to go!!