Thursday, 18 September 2008

Old-fashioned flower of the month stitcheries

Last night I got my jobs done and I wanted to sit for an hour or so and watch a crime show I had taped. It's called "Underbelly" - the story of Melbourne gangsters, enlightening, not too grim, not too nice either. I am quite enjoying it.

So, I was looking at my list of four which currently includes Noddy, The French Collection and Christmas Mice.. and has an opening for something else! Well, they were all at the "nutting out" stage, and I really wanted something mindless to stitch while I watch.

My eyes travelled over my blog list of UFOs (I knew they would come in handy for something!) and I saw the Flower Of The Month stitchery blocks. They are all traced off and ready to be finished.
I finished this block last night.

I love that the pictures look old-fashioned. Just like those teacups with the months and flowers on them. So pretty! This morning I decided when I put them together they will go with my opp shop d'oyley collection. I bought about 20 at a garage sale once for $1 each. All embroidered. If any have holes or stains, they will be cut in half or whatever so I can use the good bits.

I have d'oyleys I embroidered myself, but I won't be cutting them up.

This is where I found the free patterns. I printed them off in May 2006, but they are still there.

These are a few of the blocks I have done so far. I will post more tomorrow.

I would suggest you use an unbleached muslin or osnaberg or pastel backgrounds to ensure the white flowers show up on all the pictures.


Catherine said...

Your stitchery is wonderful. All of them are so pretty. Very tempting. Thanks for posting the link.

The Calico Cat said...

Re: your comment about squiggles - not sure which post your are referring to...

About the stitcheries. For the ones that can be cut up, I have seen some interesting patchwork where they used cut up stitcheries like you would any other printed cotton - just with texture...

White vinegar soak & drying in the sun can get quite a few spots & dingyness out of old linens without causing damage.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Hey thanks for the stain removing tip! I look forward to getting them out of their temporary "grave" and revamping them!