Thursday, 25 September 2008

Have I been bad?

Rosie and I went on an outing yesterday. I only bought a leee-tle bit of fabric.

This is 30cm of a delightfully textured Japanese print. I am not particularly into rabbits, but I loved the colour and texture. This will become some sort of bag or sewing aide. We make plenty of those sort of things in my local Patchwork group. This is a lovely feature fabric. I imagine it in something with a zip, so I can hang a little Japanese thingy off the zipper-pull.

These are 1/2 metre each of 2 new Christmas prints I plan to make into Christmas presents. I won't mention what I plan to make in case any of the potential recipients read this post.

The reindeer look funky. The Santas are Jolly.

This Santa looks like the "Hogfather" to me (ever read Terry Pratchett or seen the movie "Hogfather"?). Maybe it's the view of his nostrils.

This Santa is Jolly Old Saint Nick.

These other fabrics were purchased last weekend:

The Little Cowboys are just sooo cute!

The DuckDuckGoose fabrics will need to be used together in a little sewing thing or bag, or maybe along the bottom of a quilt, or on a baby bag.

These travel fabrics will be perfect for the fabric-scrapbooking I have been planning with my holiday stuff (tickets, pics, etc.)

Oh, and I forgot! I bought these today too! Sale items going at bargain prices. I thought I could use the brown one in the travel fabric-scrapbooking, and the blue one would make a good backing for a Trip Around The World quilt.

This might not sound very stash-busting. But it will be! I promise!! Everything I bought will assist me to slash my stash!

I finished the Eureka Chain quilt, I need to hang it on the line for a photo. If it's not too windy..... Stay tuned! (Keep your slobber off my screen! Drool over my fabrics carefully please.)


Fey said...

Yes, You've been a leetle bad and should be punished. Unless you tell me where you got that DuckDuckGoose fabric, my daughter will love it!
Can't wait to see Eureka fluttering proudly in the breeze.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Hi Fay,

Can you please email me so I can tell you where to buy the fabric? Click on the cute baby photo of me and then click on "email me". You are undetectable! :)

LauraJ said...

Hello! I have that duck duck goose print in a green, I also got the feets in a circle pattern thing. I posted a picture of a pillowcase I made earlier in the month with the fabrics. They are too freaking cute!! You have a very nice blog! I shall be back!