Monday, 29 September 2008

Lost and Found and Found and Found...

Well, I didn't stick a stitch in yesterday. I sorted all day. I now have about 50 magazines to sell and about 30 to give away.

How is my space looking?

some more fittings to come e.g. the trays will become drawers

I kept finding stuff.

5 UFOs: SCQuilters sig swaps from 2003 retreat, smoking jacket, papercut windows, snowflake quilt blocks, 295 quilt. The snowflakes, sig swaps and papercut windows can make nice flip-sides for other quilts.

6 PIGS to add to the list: Easter bunnies, Aussie fabrics, monkey socks, Dargate violet and chocolate pack (no, not actual chocolate, that would have been eaten - it's purple and brown fabric), hexagon box, an armchair pincushion partly prepared (this was a gift at a retreat) and a dress with a pattern.
Where do I fit it all? here.

None of it is left on the floor!

This is the armchair kit:

LOST: one box of novelty fabrics.... (maybe I divided them all up into PIGs???) I can't remember!!


swooze said...

Wow! At least it is all containerized now. Keep plugging away. You will be glad when you are done.

Karen said...

Wow! You could open a store with all the supplies you have.

Nicole and Phil said...

WOW..indeed! LOL
i think DH needs to do some more shelving for you....send him off to Bunnings again! :)
But once it is all sorted, you will feel so much better...must be that Spring feeling (although it is Autumn here), I am Spring Cleaning as well, and going through all my stuff too....
I am writing all the UFO's, WIP's, PIg's and gee the list is getting long!!!!