Monday, 1 September 2008

Welcome Spring!!!

And a warm Spring welcome to you here at my blog today... VBG

Here are the blocks made for the no-name quilt so far. I moved the quilt from the bed and the white doona cover made quite a good backdrop.The orange and yellow fabrics really stand out. I noticed that although the fabrics I put together in earlier blocks contrast well, they don't necessarily look REALLY good together. I am now aiming to make sure the fabrics I choose for one block really shine.

Some lighter, brighter fabrics are definitely needed.

I made all of these blocks yesterday. It was rainy outside and when I went for a walk I got quite rained on. What a good excuse to be inside!!

I also did lots of cooking over the weekend.

Ok, so that's 38 blocks. (I miscalculated yesterday).
I think I will need about another 40 blocks. Phew! I had better keep sorting out my fabrics.....

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