Monday, 18 August 2008

I feel like frolicking already!

Here are some better photos of the Christmas doorhanging.

I've had a very busy day and I got home from work in time to go for a 40 minute walk. That's three days in a row walking! I am proud of me. It's not easy if you usually get home when it's dark and you live (and therefore walk) in an unlit area. The ground is uneven and cars go fast (100km per hour) near my house - too dangerous! Spring is nearly here, and I am sooo ready for it! Daylight hours will be longer! Making a fungly quilt will be a good way to celebrate spring! I feel like frolicking already!

I am on my way to starting the fungly quilt (ooh! I wonder how I will quilt it???) I can start it once the binding is on the Kaffe and Liberty quilt and when the Old Chooks quilt is finished. Here is a sneak peek of the Kaffe and Liberty quilt with its binding machined on!

I am going to call the Old Chook raffle blocks quilt "Chicken Soup for the Soul" - it will be a nice and cheery quilt for family members (once I have a family) who are sick. I hope they will reminisce about their childhood days under the Chicken Soup quilt, and the comfort it gave them. I am storing up quilts for the future!!

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