Saturday, 2 August 2008

Four is the limit

Okay, so I wrote a list of 4 things I want to work on:

· French Collection stitcheries (nearly finished the stitching, needs surrounding fabric
· Celebrate December applique quilt – just needs quilting etc.
· Mystery quilt top from last year – am currently assembling it – will give to Mum to quilt.
· New quilt: baby quilt

My friend had her 2nd baby recently and she sent me a photo of the 2 boys on the older one’s quilt… I wasn’t going to make her another one because I thought she would use the lovely rug she crocheted for this baby instead.

Nope, the first baby quilt is being loved. She needs another one. ACK! I looked at some PIGs (Projects in Grocery Sacks) and saw some chenille: red, yellow and white with some cherries fabric that I bought one day 4 of us were out together…. Or was I on a bus trip?
This is the quilt I made for the first baby: "Ten Little Monkeys (jumping on the bed)" named after the poem.

Anyway, better make her a new one and this (cherries etc) could easily be the fabric – I think it will work for a boy. Will put it together and see.. something quick and eeeeasy!

Ok, so none of these can be done from start to finish without interruption (e.g. Mum will quilt the mystery one, have to wait for French fabrics), but this is my current focus. How’s that??? Narrowed it down somewhat?

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