Saturday, 30 August 2008


Well... I have a confession to make. I started a new project... I was in a hurry yesterday morning and I knew I would be on a bus for a couple of hours during the day - I needed some handwork. Fast! (Nooooo.. I told you, I am tired of the civil war hexagons for a while).Why did I finish the chicken soup quilt the night before? I could have been binding on the bus!!

I had a PIGS ready to go... so I started stitching it on the bus! The threads, fabric and pattern were all ready. What could I do? shrug It is called "Christmas Mice" by Cinderberry Stitches. The same designer as the wallhanging I made called "The Night Before".

On another note, I have decided what is currently on the list of 4:
  1. Christmas Mice

  2. 1950s dresses

  3. Civil War Pieced Blocks

  4. Christine Book stitcheries

Red, white and yellow cherries can go to Mum for quilting on the longarm. I am stumped how to quilt it anyhow - so it is off the list for now.

I said to my DH , at least the Civil war pieced blocks are from my stashes... and he said "moustaches??" So, we had a giggle together and I showed him the blocks. The blocks are lovely and scrappy. You might get a look at them tomorrow.

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