Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The beginning of stitchery

Dang it! I thought of another UFO - sock monkeys quilt AND I found three Christine Book stitcheries I did about 8 years ago. *sigh* That is 2 more added to the UFO list. I am back to 29 again!

I won the wheelbarrow pattern as the lucky door prize and Rosie (who I had just met) was working on the gate pattern. Her stitched picture looked so cute! Rosie was using variegated threads for the writing, do I did too.

This was the beginning of stitchery for me. It is so quick, bright and colourful, less expensive than some quilting fabrics and much less expensive than cross-stitching (so much thread per square inch!!) and I can make them into quilts, wallhangings or cushions! Useful stuff!!

Still going on the chicken soup quilt, I think I am up to the easy bit. Hang on! The whole thing has been easy. I guess that's why I like all the stages of making a quilt.

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