Tuesday, 8 January 2019


 It's a proud Mummy moment when Master 3 years and 3 months is crafty too... His fine motor skills are astounding. Look at the attention to detail in the painting!

And of course, that gives Mummy more time to work on her own creations....

Combine his painting with a bit of play dough time, and Mummy sits here sewing to create this!

 This is Bast, Egyptian goddess of protection, and of course cats.

Appliqued onto a shimmery gold art nouveau fabric (which inspired me, because at in the 1920s when art deco was in full swing, the Egyptian artifacts were being discovered by British archaeologists, and became all the rage).

Look at the difference a few artifacts can make on this altar cloth.
Candles, crystals, smudge tools... perfect! I had to make four of these!

Love Rainey x

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