Sunday, 5 April 2020

free block 3 love and hugs from Australia stitch a long

It's day 3, and would you believe some people are completing one block a day? I find that I do not have as much free time as usual, as there are 3 children at home... which makes triple the cooking and triple the dishes, and double the usual clothes washing...

and now my feet are double the size, I am FORCED to sit down... so I will be able to show and tell myself soon!!!

Block 3 is by Gail Pan - called Bee Brave.

You can find the link here:

I have been working on all the stems for my Raven applique quilt. Earlier this year I wanted to get it made in time for the Townsville Show (this will not happen this year), and now I just want to get it finished, as a piece I can say "I made that during the quarantine".

I guess that's a question we will be asked forevermore... what did you do in 2020?

Saturday, 4 April 2020

block 2 Love and Hugs from Australia stitch a long

Block 2 from the Love and Hugs from Australia stitch-a-long has been released.

It's a gorgeous block from Libby Richardson. You can do applique or use stitchery.

Click here to get the second block. (you need dropbox for that one)

Friday, 3 April 2020

Looking for a free project to show what you've been up to during the quarantine?

Well hello everyone from Australia. We are in the middle of a global shutdown with more people at home than ever before.

And just what you needed! Aussie stitchers have brought you the Love & Hugs from Australia Stitch-A-Long!! It's a page on facebook. You can find the group here:

This is the first free block by Natalie Bird. You can download it here:

We are all going to be using from our stash, unless you order online or by phone order... I am keen to keep my local shops going so they are open again once we are able to shop and socialise... but I do that pretty regularly anyway!

There is a new block everyday. Be sure to share this round and thank the designers.


Friday, 6 March 2020

When shopping is an event

And 2 days later I wonder why we didn't buy more toilet paper!

And started to think about all the items we usually buy and where they come from, or where the commonly purchased ones come from...

China has pretty much stopped producing stuff, so anything from there will run out soon...

Italy is the next hard hit along with Iran.

Did you see that the coles brand tomato pastes are from China or Italy? So people who usually buy those will move onto the Australian ones and there is going to be a shortage, no matter what you usually buy.

I haven't even thought of the impact on our stitching! I do hope I have enough supplies to keep me going! *Hahahhahaha, what a joke that is!!*

Thursday, 5 March 2020

House update

An exciting update for our house... 12 large frames ready to stand up onto the columns by crane.

The house is going to be very high in the air.

We'd best get going to the gym to make ourselves really fit for the stairs. Hahah

A little bit more wet season to go before we can guarantee the machinery won't get bogged in the mud.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


And suddenly everything changed in Australia, and I should've bought more than 2 packets of toilet paper. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Mystic unicorn

The final quickie panel quilt is finished, these are perfect for the couch or to go over the body on a cold night, as they don't go over the entire bed. 

All 3 children were very excited to use their lap quilts in the air conditioning to watch a movie. (Lovely temperature to cool down in after doing housework).

This one has been quilted in clouds, and once again, I used backing from my stash.

It's been a journey this year! 

11 quilts finished already, and it's the first week in March.

I also have plans to work on the Diamond Hill quilt and the Raven, and a special Easter quilt that I am hoping to have made in time for the Townsville show entires.