Friday, 24 September 2021

As Above So Below

I've actually stitched out two of these cross stitches, and decorated this frame to look a bit like a magic mirror...

This one can hang on the wall near my witchy stuff. 

What do you think?


Sunday, 19 September 2021

Goddess Kali small quilt

Oh, this is my goddess Kali altar cloth set up. 

It took me a lot of energy to hold space for the creation of this altar cloth, particularly as I made another one at the same time for someone else, and she wasn't energetically ready for hers yet.

I love creating sacred spaces of intention. Here I am, connection to the ancestors position.... high vibe, my key.

Hello Goddess Kali. The Destroyer. 

Taking away the old path, so that we must take a new one.


Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Do you make clothes?

Do you make your own clothes?

How many times have you seen a dress you'd like, but it doesn't fit you or suit you?

I love wild and bright, so my intention to make my own clothes would be to choose the fabrics they are made in, without being a slave to pattern or colour that didn't suit me.

This is a dressmaker model I picked up, but to be suitable for draping (as a way of creating the pattern and then making the dress to fit MY unique body), it needs to be padded out exactly to my shape.

Once it's padded out we put a conforming dress over the top.

Then compare the body shape.

This was more difficult than I thought, and it was about getting it exactly even, getting the measurements right, building up the shoulders and more.

See how the front is not even, a bigger bulge on one side than the other.... This has to be completely pulled out and padded out again.

Wow, talk about confronting... facing your own body shape, standing next to it.

Then later sitting at the table looking over at the dress model and realising that I am not as big as I thought I was. Why do I think I'm bigger than I am? Is it because my favourite clothes are too small?
Do I need to go shopping with $2k to rebuy my entire wardrobe so that I feel good at my current size?

Do I want to make because I think I want to save money (it's usually not cheaper so sew your own unless you are comparing to couture)?

What about when my body shape changes and I need to spend 3 days padding out my dress form again?

These are all questions that need to be answered before I go any further. 

I've already made many clothes that if I tried them on in the shop I would've said "oh, that doesn't suit me" and wouldn't buy them. But after spending time and money sewing, it's harder to say I won't wear it. Especially if you've made the item to wear for a special occasion. 

So, I ask again. Do you make clothes?


Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Just the binding to go

Almost 4 years in the making, 3 of those where I didn't get around to the applique border, I have bitten the bullet and completed the quilt with gorgeous Tula prints for the border instead of applique.

I wasn't satisfied with a few attempts I made at the applique, (this was a quilt where I tried out a few applique techniques). And the original fabrics weren't available anymore. The local quilt shop I bought them from had changed owners, and the new owner decided not to stock those fairy frosts.

Here I am at another local quilt shop, where I've been going on Tuesdays for a couple of years now.

I quite like the ladies in the group, some of them are particularly dear to me.

I just stay away during mask mandates. This has disrupted our social gatherings on every school holidays.

The binding is machined on, now I get to enjoy the hand stitching process in the evenings. 

This will be a Christmas and birthday gift to the in-laws this year. Their birthdays are both within 2 weeks of Christmas, and it is a very big gift! I know they will understand.

I can't wait to gift this and present finished photos on the bed.


Saturday, 4 September 2021

cake creations time

It's that busy time again for Mum when I'm organising a kids birthday party in the sub tropics. We decided to go to a special park with a huge play area and under cover tables and chairs, but we needed to start the party at 9am.

Yes, prior experience has led us to the realisation that it's too hot for children to play after 11am at that time of year, and you can't stop children from running and sliding and having fun,  until they are overheated and that's dangerous.

My new friend Maria made this cute platter for the party.

My brief was fruit, cheezels, jellies, juice, party bags.....

And of course the cake. Next year, we will go to the local free swimming pool. Plenty of shade for parents, shallow swimming if needed. BBQ to cook the chicken dinosaurs, and much cooler for all the children.

It was so hot, we had to go by the Strand on the way home for some fresh sea air... and of course a quick tree climb.

Phew! Party done for the year!


Thursday, 2 September 2021

Raven Goddess

This is one of my favourite images - a raven goddess altar cloth.

I have used freehand quilting/embroidery to embellish it, then painted with sparkly fabric paint to add dimension and zing.

You can find my available altar cloths in my etsy store.


Thursday, 26 August 2021

Book Week

It's honestly been such a busy time. But we got this kid dressed and ready for Book Week as DJ Skrillex from the Trolls World movie and books.

I really love being a Mum! I love being there for my son, I love being a hands on parent.

Happy Book Week!