Saturday 1 October 2022

Halloween decorating has started

Oh the joy of co-ordinating my Halloween makes with gorgeous decor!

The pumpkin runner is complete.

I just want to look at this from all the angles!

The pumpkin mat/trivet is complete.

These candles smell delicious. Martha Stewart white pumpkin is my favourite scent.


Wednesday 28 September 2022

Pumpkin runner

Woohoo, ready to quilt this table runner. Some simple lines should do it...

Going around the applique, and leaving my feet out of the photo. Oops. I didn't edit the photo properly on my phone.

Here we are... stitched and ready to hand sew the binding.

Looking at the quilt on the wall and my table runner.. I am looking at what else I could make with my leftover pretty fabrics.

Maybe a pumpking placemat/trivet? Let's try it out.


Sunday 25 September 2022

Happy birthday kiddo

Today it's the other kind of craft day... yes, the baking day... 

This special cake is an old family recipe. Ginger fluff sponge.

The kiddo has turned 7, and this is his morning tea party. How I love to decorate the home. It gives me a lot of pleasure.

How this kid loves spooky stuff (he's watched all the Scooby Doo movies on Stan).



Friday 23 September 2022

The kiddo makes his own crafts

It's only a couple of days before the kiddo's birthday, and we stumbled across this awesome Free School Holiday activity at the local shopping centre

Included free tshirt, assistance and all materials. (see the photos at the bottom of the post for instructions).

First he chose the design he wanted, so he knew how to tie up the string, then he chose the colours.

He worked on it, all on his own.

I am  fondly reminded of all the dyeing workshops we did around the year 2000 following instructions in a copy of Australian Patchwork and Quilting, on how to create the colour wheel in fat quarters.  We created 24 different colours, dying 24 fat quarters of washed cotton or calico. I really feel I have more to do in that field.

Proud kid holding his wet tshirt in a bag. It has to set overnight before being washed separately in the washing machine.

It's amazing that this was a free activity!


Thursday 22 September 2022

Little Cowpokes update

Slow and steady just like a cowpoke, is how this hand applique has been going. 

I've used hand blanket stitch and a couple of decorative stitches to create fringing and dimension on the cacti.

Borders next.

I'd really like to get this one done and sent to Mum for quilting. Wish me luck!


Tuesday 20 September 2022

Two hats and a shirt

What's this? A matching hat?

Yes. It's true, it's maybe a bit cray cray, but what am I going to do with this leftover fabric otherwise. I'm almost 50, and maybe starting to think that I don't need to save fabric anymore, but I need to use it, so that I can keep  buying more!

Another woven badge/sticker on the front, and voila!

Here's another hat I made for the kiddo (Tula Pink fabric), and he's also wearing a Halloween shirt I made with glow in the dark print from Spotlight.

This kid doesn't have school uniform. So he can wear whatever he wants. Now that I've put the pretty plastic snaps on his shirts, this is what he wants to wear. 

And he has a number of hats. I don't think Toy Story is his favourite, but that's not matter. There has to be one for a kid not to worry about getting muddy!


Wednesday 14 September 2022

The Bunny Elvis shirt and some Australian animals

I went with the kiddo's school class to the Billaboong animal sanctuary. It was my first time going, even though I've lived here in Townsville for 9 years now.

The kiddo is wearing the Bunny Elvis shirt, Fabric by Missy Rose.

Wombat points its bum at us.

Cassowary is behind a tall barrier, they are dangerous!

Koala is awake for a change.

The kiddo sits with the turtles.

A very hot, but successful day. The children fed the kangaroos, and watched an enormous croc jumping out of the water to eat meat.