Saturday, 31 October 2009

What to do?

Now that I have finished making the Jo's Little Women Club series of quilts, I am starting to make a series of 9 little quilts designed by Lori Smith.

Here are some blocks I have made and cut out for the first quilt. It has 6 blocks, sashings and a border. The finished size of the blocks will be 4 inches square.
The finished quilt will be 16" x 20".

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thank goodness for a simpler block now and then!!

It did take me more than one day to make this block. LOL!! I just finished it...

So, that's 8 blocks down, and 12 to go (plus borders). Not bad so far...

I wonder if I have kept to my original hope of 1 block a week ( on average). I will go back and have a look when I started...Hmm.. I finished the first block on August 30. So it's nearly 8 weeks and I have finished 8 blocks. That's great!!

I would like to have this quilt completely finished, quilted and bound by July next year.

Even with a break over Christmas, it's a possibility...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Now there are seven.

I stopped working on this block with only a couple of flower centres to go, and a bud.

I had forgotten to add one of the stems, and had to wait until I was at home with the stem fabric (and an iron, and the other accessories) to make another one. So, I started another block, and finished it too, before I did those little bits.

Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you become tired of a project and need a break from it? That was me and this block.

Now there are seven blocks all appliqued. Ta-da!!
I will show you the eighth finished block tomorrow. You will just have to wait. *grin*

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I'm a glutton.

I am so happy the third (and last) quilt in this series (Jo's Little Women Club) is completed!
This quilt is only 2 feet square, but it feels like a big finish as there are so many pieces in it. I still need to wash the quilt a few times and add a label.

I think the quilt will look much better hanging on my wall with a cream background, compared to on my floor!!

The design is quite striking when seen in person.

You know what this means don't you? I can start something else!! The trouble is... I want to start another mini quilt series.... LOL!! This time there are 9 little quilts...

You would think the Civil War Bride Quilt would be enough for me - each block is like a little quilt!! You know, some people would say I am a glutton for punishment, but making beautiful quilts could hardly be called punishing...

Monday, 26 October 2009

I have finished quilting the baskets quilt.

I just need to sew down the binding and give it a good wash so that it is nice and soft and antique-y.

I am sure I will be able to finish the binding tonight. No worries!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Always The Bride...

Well, I am working on the basket quilt today... (see previous post). In a moment I will be back to marking the quilt top for quilting, then I am going to baste it.

However, here is something I prepared (er... finished that is) earlier.
This is block 11 of the Civil War Bride Quilt. I am going to embroider the bird feet and eyes when I have finished the applique on all 20 blocks and borders.
I just love the fabric I used for the eggs. The shells look delicate and translucent. I am also really happy with the nest fabrics. I used a darker fabric inside the nest for shadowing and contrast, then the outside of the nest looks sort of woven.
Here's a glimpse of all my blocks (so far) together. Ooh, what a nice balance of colour!! Light, dark, soft, bold... Mmmm...
Wait until I finish the next one! It won't be long now!! Hopefully I can blog it as soon as I finish...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Basket case???

This is an update on my little Jo Morton baskets quilt. I have finished the sawtooth border. Now all I need to do is add on 1 3/4 inch border in teal, then another in brown, then quilt and bind. It's such a cute little quilt.

Looking at it, there are some areas where there is not quite enough contrast, but I have left it for the "vintage look". It's the background fabric in the top left block that loses it a little bit. Fortunately, while our eyes see it, the brain tends to look beyond it and just sees another basket.

I can't wait for another finish!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Mine! Mine! Mine!

I just loved making this quilt. The fabrics are so delicious (from the Samsara fabric range). This quilt looks like a Turkish carpet when seen in real life.

The flash blows out the colours a bit, so it doesn't look as rich here as it does in person.

The quilt top went together in a day, and Mum quilted it for me. (Thanks Mum, I love it!!).

I chose large feathery cables to reflect the simple Amish arrangement of the fabrics. After all, the fabrics are the reason for making this quilt.

I am keeping it, this quilt it Mine! Mine! Mine!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Handy hexagon handwork

These hexagons are great for handwork when it doesn't matter if one is travelling in a bumpy ute!!
When applique just isn't suitable, or doesn't pack up into a small enough bag, or when I don't have enough ready, I take out my handy hexagons.

There's still a lot to go... but I don't mind. VBG.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Where am I?

Where have I been? Here of course... but it's the old problem, sew it or blog it? Blogging takes time, but I love to look back at the record of what I've been up to. I put together the baskets from Jo's Little Women Club. I should have done this about 4 months ago... but I was naughty! Okay, I admit it.

Now I need to make lots of sawtooth pieces for a border. I have done the cutting, and sewing, now I just need to trim them to size and piece them around the outside.

The card of DMC thread is there to show you the size of the basket blocks.

I found this fun feature on facebook where you enter your photo, and it is slapped into yearbook photos from different eras. This could have been me in the 1980s.I like this one in the 1950s...My Mum looked just like this in the 1960s - and I look just like her in this one with Patsy Biscoe hair!!

I hope you find this application and have as much fun as I did!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Here comes the bride!!

The Civil War Bride that is!!

Here I am with Lizzie who hosts the Civil War Bride Quilt Blog especially for people making the quilt.

It really was wonderful to see our blocks together. I can't wait until we somehow "photoshop" all of us bloggers all into one picture - it's not likely we can all get together at once given that we are from all over the world!!

It was lovely to meet you Lizzie. Thank you for coming by. *hugs*

Sunday, 4 October 2009

SCQuilty visitors

I have been totally blessed with visitors!! Here I am with Helen (from Carrum Downs) and Quentin (who lives in Canberra) and Pat (I wonder where she lives???

These are some of my SCQuilter friends (that's Southern Cross Quilters for the uninitiated - you must have lived or still live in Australia or New Zealand to become a member of the online group). We met at various SCQuilter retreats. I've only been to 2 retreats, but these girls are die-hard fans and will get there at any cost.

Thanks for the catch up girls. I am almost using you as an excuse for lack of show and tell on my quilting!! LOL!!