Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Eye candy... have a closer look

I have only added the next border on one side of the "formerly known as Moustache" quilt. So, I will post a photo later after I have added more sides. Fay suggested I call the Moustache quilt "Eureka Chain" because when it went together, Eureka! you could see the chain effect.

I like the name because not so far from here in the 1850s the Eureka Stockade occurred at the Ballarat Goldfields. Most of the fabrics I used are circa 1850s reproductions, so that makes me happy.

And now... for some eye candy! I've got to finish this quilt...sigh. It's lovely. Have a closer look.

Mosaic. Another quilt I am currently working on. I started it in about 2002 after an Olga Walters "exploration" workshop. She is sooo inspiring!

I used fabric I had overdyed during previous experimentation. It was purchased light pink, and I added leftover dyes until I obtained an icky green, and put the pink in with it. It looks good as grout.

My finger is used to gauge the size of pieces.

I used pieces of velvet to add glow, lurex to look like mirror pieces, and lots of blue and white prints to give the look of broken china. I also cut up some printed cup and teapot fabrics.

All the pieces are now stitched on. I need to remove some tearaway stabiliser, then baste and machine quilt around all the pieces. FUN!! But it's not on my list of four... at the moment...


Rosalyn Manesse said...

This is most fantastic! I thought at first that I was looking at a grouted mosaic!

Karen said...

Wow! That is wonderful.

Quilty Cat said...

My Goodness! I remember this project!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Yes, do you remember what year it was? LOL!!!