Monday, 15 September 2008

The seasons are a mystery

Ta-dah! Sound the trumpets!! Seasons Mystery Quilt of 2007 designed by Cathy Stevenson - appropriately finished while the seasons have changed enough to hang another quilt out on the clothesline (and washing too!! but I won't show you my sheets and smalls).

Mum custom quilted it beautifully.... there are diagonal lines behind the applique , the borders have their own designs, even the diagonal blue stripes have a little design running along them, each light "goose" has a swirly quilt design in it... It really is lovely. You need a closer look.

Each of the centre pictures depict one season. We start with the mother sitting on the nest, then we see mother and baby bird, and so on. The corner blocks depict the father bird in each season.

The red border looks very striking. I purchased all the fabric before I started, so it was ALL a mystery then.

This is a massive quilt, it covers my king sized bed.

Right, I've got to look through some Noddy books and get some more inspiration!


Karen said...

Very nice. A lovely way to welcome Spring. Also, like your Jane Austen quilt. I did not know about Jane Austen fabric.

Jeanne said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! Beautiful fabrics and excellent workmanship. Great finish.

Jeanne said...

You buy the sewing machine pin from the shop and get the little cottage charm with it. My LQS is The Quilted Cottage. They sponsor retreats - a charm, clubs - a charm, etc. The Carry All Chicks Club is only $5.00 for the year. We meet the first Saturday of the month. They give out a free pattern and show a new pattern that you may purchase. Then we have show and tell. You can't beat that! :-) In January there will be a new club that will have multiple charms. You know I'll have to join that, too. Sometimes I think I should be locked up, but it's so much fun. I couldn't reply to your comment as you don't have your email enabled.

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