Saturday, 27 September 2008

Distractions! Distractions!

Rosie popped out with me for a little while yesterday... (it's all her fault! tee hee!)

I came home with this. Well, it is nearly the bowls season, and I bought something for my DH too...

I also came home with this!!!

It's a Janome felting machine.
I have wanted one for a few years. I couldn't justify spending nearly $900 on the Babylock Embellisher, nor $500 on the Janome xpression at its regular price... but.... I traded in an old machine and got this baby for $299.
The trade-in machines are to be refurbished and sent to 3rd world countries where women will be taught to sew in order to support themselves and their families. How good is that? I dropped off two good old Berninas. The old machines were so heavy I popped them into a shopping trolley to wheel them into the shop. LOL!!! I practically carried the felting machine out under one arm (but I returned the trolley. Thank you Coles.)

We won't be needing this will we? No threading, no bobbins. What's it going to say? "Plug in pedal here"? (OK, I'll keep it. Happy now?)

Whoops! Wrong way around!

Spare needles and tools to unscrew the plate. I bet a lot of dust-bunnies collect down there.

When will I get playtime? Last night my DH decided we are preparing and painting all next week. I can't grumble, I want it done too. Patience Grasshopper...

Did you see my shirt quilt at Quilter's Show and Tell? Make sure you submit your quilts too. A quilt a day is great inspiration.

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tirane93 said...

woo hoo! you go girl! look at that fine label cloud you've made!