Thursday, 3 January 2019

The journey that is 2019

Happy New Year to all!!

I've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break, but also enjoyed some stitching as you can see... And look at this big pile of mail I have to post!

I've been making so many items to share, that my little business is keeping me busy!

I love these little bags for ipads, headphones, kindles or phones and charger cords.

 They keep everything together, and making them satisfies my need to quilt something. Hahahahahaha.

I've also made a few of these little Ruby Slipper bags. I designed these drawstring bags to be used for tarot or oracle cards, but they are also used for storing amulets, wands, moon cups, crystals, or other items precious to you.

I've always felt empowered by the feel that I have encapsulated in this bag.

"The Power was with you all along, you just had to discover it for yourself"... It is in the journey that we fear, we become brave, we face the fears, we conquer them and we are transformed into a triumphant new Self!

I love this scene, because you can see the road, and the rainbow at the end...

I painted the shoes with 5 coats of sparkly glitter to make them really sparkle. I really do love this. And so does everyone else! I made 4 of them!!

Welcome to the journey of 2019. May all be as it should be for us all.

Love Rainey

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