Sunday, 12 October 2008

One in, and one out.

We went on a looong bus trip to 4 quilt shops yesterday. The bus left at 7:30am and returned 5:45pm. Plus 20 minutes drive to the "bus stop" and on the way home. 40 ladies enjoyed a lovely day out. The weather was just delightful (top of 26C), which made traffic easier, and we lunched outside. I enjoyed a glass of wine....

We went to shops ranging between 1.5 and 2 hours from home - places where some of us wouldn't drive to especially, but might stop if passing through.

Ok, here's the damage (really not too bad at all):

shop 1: Paper dolly fabrics.

The large dolls can have a stiff interfacing ironed onto the back, then cut out.

The clothes can have felt ironed onto the back and the tabs removed. This way the clothes grab onto the bodies a bit.

I bought the multi print for a bag to keep some of the dolls or their clothes in.

Here's a question for you: Should I make dolls (to do what with???) or should I use the doll fabric in a quilt where the girls can still be dressed up with the clothes.

shop 2: pins

shop 3: I was very good, I just drooled.

shop 4: magnets and labels

The flying duck fridge magnets remind me of the decorative pieces that hang on the walls. I have always liked them (Mum hates them).

There are a lot of labels - you can see only half of them.
So cute.... too bad I already put a label onto the baby quilt I just finished!
the bus:

And here is a job I finished on the bus. Binding on! Quilt finished (except for the full name of my cousin's baby), I need confirmation of the middle name.

I also finished the spring rabbits, but I want to show it to you when it's on the wall. I will ask DH where I can put a hook when he is home from work.

So, a PIG comes in (paper dolls) and a UFO goes out (Dick and Jane baby quilt). Quite a successful day, really. VBG.


Andrea said...

I looooovve flying ducks! I soooo badly want some for Gisborne and Baden cannot stand them! Good on you for buying the magnets!!!!!!

Mary-Kay said...

Hope you had fun on the shopping trip. With the paper doll fabric you could try to make some kind of square that on the outside the doll is dressed and the you open the flap (dressing room door) and there is an actual paper doll cut out with some clothes to try on. Sort of an interactive quilt not necessarily for a baby.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh Mary-Kay! Thank you so much! What a great idea! A quilt could have wardrobes on it, then it's still a quilt, but a play-quilt!!

There are some repeats, so I might be able to make another "portable" wardrobe or wallhanging.

Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it.

Karen said...

Love the paper doll fabric. I'm not sure what I would do with it. I like Mary-Kay's idea.