Thursday, 16 October 2008

I do, I do, I did.

I am still stitching away at the Mammy pictures. Progress on stitcheries are a bit slower - it's not that interesting to see only 5 more stitches (or a little more than that) added to a picture.

With the view to inspire me to turn them into a quilt, I have photographed some of the blocks made for me by my friends in my quilting group to celebrate my marriage in January this year.

Sandra secretly organised the blocks for me which she says was pretty tough, as I was always jolly well at the group gatherings!! I think she waited for me to go to the loo. *giggle*

Sandra asked everyone to use pretty colours with a wedding theme, to be different to the quilts I usually make.

Some of my dear friends really made a special effort. The blocks are beautiful.

There are 18 blocks. I think it would be nice to incorporate some applique with them. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

I will post more pictures of blocks later.

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