Friday, 10 October 2008

Feeling quilty

I am feeling happier today, and much more quilty. I'm sure it's the therapy of stitching. VBG.

Last night I nearly finished the blanket-stitch applique at the top of the Spring rabbits.

I ran out of DMC 420. So exasperating! I tried some others, but they just looked too different. I wanted to quilt it!!

So, I quilted the Dick and Jane baby quilt instead.

I quilted kites with strings onto it using King Tut variegated thread. It changes colour (not just shade) every inch.

Let's have a great Friday. :)


Karen said...

Wow! Look at the Spring Rabbits. They look great. The variegated thread is very cool.

Dionne said...

Love the spring rabbits... and Dick and Jane? Wow, what a throw-back. Gonna have to find me some of that fabric!