Friday, 24 October 2008

Am I wrong?

A bounty of beautiful quilts. 27 stacked on my couch. I have another 3 on the bed, and one more at the end of the bed. Oh, and another 3 very large ones being photographed. That is 34 quilts for me at home. Er... it sounds bad doesn't it?

I love fabric, textures, prints, colours. I love to experiment with pattern, colour and fabric. I have so many FUFOs (Future UFOs) that I just want to start!!

This is a quilt I made 8 years ago. I loved it, and used it. Now, I have "outgrown" it. I haven't used it on my bed for about 4 or 5 years. Thank goodness I actually made it into a finished item before I outgrew it. (Does that happen to you?).

I want to give this quilt to my Aunt at Christmas time. We don't normally exchange gifts, and it's not a "special" birthday or anything like that. I know she will like it, use it, and it will suit her house and her tastes.
Am I wrong to give her a "loved" quilt?

There is no way I would have given it to her 8 years agon when I just made it. The fiscal costs would be all too uppermost in my mind. Now, I feel I have had "value" from the quilt. I enjoyed making it, touching it, using it. I am ready to give it away.

Otherwise I could have it valued and sell it... maybe I should have it valued anyway and give it with a valuation certificate.


The Calico Cat said...

Sounds normal to me. I haven't counted recently, but I probably have as many as you... & The baby has a ton too!

Nana's Quilts said...

Most all of mine have been given away, so I don't really know how many. By all means give you aunt the quilt that has been "calling her name" and tell her that - but no valuation certifcate. At least for her. If you want it, go ahead.

Just my opinion. I think it's georgous.

Nicole and Phil said...

nope, that sounds normal to me....and sounds like what I may have here...but I'm not counting!
Check my blog for a photo of Andrea and I together! We had a great time meeting up...wished we lived closer!
You live in the place my mum's family came from...the't know if you know the family name?
funny it's a small world

Nicole and Phil said...

I don't think any of the Locks live there anymore..your best bet would be the cemetery!
There is a place there that has a "founders wall" that has names of families that were first in the area..but I can't remember exactly where that is!

Nicole and Phil said...

(yes, that was me with the long hair)...when I had time to dry it in the morning! LOL..

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks so much for all your comments, both "on and off the air". I am feeling better about my collection, and I am back to making quilts with gusto!!