Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Armchair sewing

Just a moment to post something before I get to washing the walls.... One room is practically empty and the rest of the house is packed to the ceiling (my sewing workspace has stuff on the floor again, but that's temporary).

Rosie loaned me a bag of stuff I can use in the felting machine (still unused) I bought last week. She expects to see a blog post loaded at 7am (nearly 2 hours ago) showing what I have tried.

Rosie's bag of stuff

The other day I thought I might take the machine to quilting last night - it's so much easier to take than my sewing machine as I don't need a box full of accessories etc... but I thought it might feel like bragging. Nobody else had a machine last night. So, I didn't. I teased Rosie, I said she brought the bag of stuff so she could have a go on my machine! (I will loan it to her after I have a go).

I made half my armchair pincushion instead. I will take it with me on the train later and do some glove stitch then. Dad and I are off to the museum.

armchair pincushion half made

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