Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Updates on UFOs and FUFOs

FUFOs - that's Future Unfinished Objects. I made it up!! I have been stitching the last few days, I just haven't shown you, and my mind has been whirling with ideas for new projects (aren't I terrible?).

First an update on the Mammy stitcheries.

Looking cute huh? Remember the green pen will wash out.

Sandra has been Spring cleaning like crazy and she gave me a stack of her DH's ties to add to my collection. Some of them are still in the bag they came in!

There are a number of wool ties (her husband worked on the Wool Board for many years, and I guess they were frequently given as gifts). I thought I might use them with some of the Tweed Jackets belonging to my late father-in-law. I know my DH would love to see them come to some sort of good use - they are too small for DH.

I am going to do some wool applique. Isn't that a good excuse to go opp-shopping? LOL! I don't need any excuse!

Now: for more future project thinking... Last night we were invited to a very good friend's 30th birthday. It is only in 2 weeks. Her dearly beloved was Best Man at our wedding. I want to make her a present. Maybe a bag? Definitely something home made (she doesn't do any crafts, but would love anything). It needs to be modern with clean lines, nothing too frilly or arty. I need to have a look around. I don't want to make a quilt, even a small one, because I will make them a wedding quilt in the next year or two. I really need to put my thinking cap on....

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