Monday, 13 October 2008

PIGging out on a mystery quilt

I am taking part in a week by week online mystery quilt. This is my 4th mystery quilt, perhaps I should post photos of the other ones sometime. Good idea Me!! Of course, you have seen one I finished this year.

So, last Saturday we received the fabric requirements for the different sized quilts. I am not sure what size to do yet, it depends on the fabrics I use. It is supposed to be good for I Spy type fabrics, so I dug out a couple of PIGs (Projects in Grocery Sacks).

Ok, it could be the Easter bunnies in a single bed size with a couple of other fabrics.


it could be the African prints in a lap size depending on what I can twiddle around.

It all depends on whether the "feature" or "most patterned" fabric is meant to be light, dark or whatever. I hope to find out today.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Andrea said...

Go for the Easter Bunnies. It would be a shame to lose the Africans, griaffes and the colour washes in small cuts of fabric. Personally, I think the African fabrics need to be showcased in alternating plain and pieced blocks, they are too fantastic for the Mystery! Hugs, Andrea

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks Andrea, I am glad you thought of that. I was just so rapt when I dug out the African fabrics and remembered how good they look! I thought, Right! Let's make these into something...

Yeah, the Easter bunnies will be it. I'll find some other bits to go with it.