Thursday, 11 December 2008

Quilting Christmas party

Those three words really do go together well: quilting, Christmas and party. Yeah!
I showed you the bag I made for Gill. Sue made this one for me.

I indicated a preference for icky green fabric (That's what non-reproduction fabric lovers would call it. Group members who know me well would know I meant repro). Sue filled my bag with green stuff!! Threads, fabrics, buttons and even green chocolates! (well, peppermint filled Freddo frogs). I ate them straight away!! Yum!!

At our Christmas-In-July function (this is a great idea for us, because we get to enjoy traditional Christmas foods in the weather they were meant for, sometimes it is just too hot to eat roast turkey and pudding.... just kidding!!) my group had to present our Challenge items. These are the miniature quilts in the slideshow on the sidebar of the blog.

At that time the new Christmas Elves were chosen by the previous ones. The rest of us had no idea who has been organising our next Challenge! Tuesday night, our Elves were revealed (Fiona and Di H). We received a parcel of goodies and instructions.

This is Andrea's parcel (unopened) - she will get it early in the New Year.

This is what I found in mine (there are slight variations in fabric between the parcels).

The challenge is to make a free style collage applique quilt: (Yay!! I love it!!) Basically, one cuts fabric the size and shape wanted then secures with glue or fusible web. Fabric is added layer upon layer until the image is constructed.
The picture on the cover of this mag was used as an example.

  • The background must be pieced
  • Only straight edge machine applique allowed (no buttonhole, no zigazg, no satin stitch etc.
  • No broderie perse
  • Quilt must be at least 14 inches square or a shape adding up to that measurement
  • Must include some free motion embroidery
  • Binding is optional
  • Use at least one piece of the fabric provided somewhere in the project

You can see the free motion embroidery in this close-up.

And yes, I made more books!!! LOL!!

I am trying to make them for gifts, but my DH has said I need to keep a Dick and Jane one and a kitchen print one (I do not need any persuading!!). I thought the kitchen print books would make good recipe books.

I am going to buy more book inserts today. VBG.


Fay said...

Well I don't know how you manage to find the time to do all this. DO you eat, or sleep? I feel particularly inadequate in the face of your magnificence. I love seeing what you do and how you do it. Have a great holiday season and keep up the inspired creations!

Andrea said...

Free Style Art Collage? Wow - that's a challenge - vbg. I can't wait to get my package in early Jan. The book covers are just lovely. Hugs - Andrea

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thank you Fay. I appreciate your encouragement.

It is because of the holiday season that I am going mad on making the book covers! You should see what else I am making! (I'll show after I have given them).

Yes, I do sleep, but I need my sanity-time of sewing most days. None yesterday. :( But I did have a nice visit to an opp shop. VBG.

Ozjane said...

Love the book covers. Made some years ago in a class and now have a mental block about making them....crazy woman.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks Jane. I love them too! Do you mean mental block that you can't remember how to do it? Or mental block that you just don't want to anymore???


Janet said...

What an interesting challenge! I enjoyed the show of last years' challenge.