Saturday, 6 December 2008

Three things to finish...

I've got three things to finish this weekend. I've been slack with the finishing and too fluid with the starting right?

Thanks to this blog I have finished 28 items this year so far!! I am going to keep that list showing for a little while next year, then move on to 2009.

Okay, here is the monkey I have nearly finished. The felt eyes are pinned on, they just need to be sewn on.

Here is the peg bag. The binding is sewn on (I bet you recognise the binding from the monkey's shorts - clever you!), it needs the coat hanger in, fabric cover for the metal hook, and a bow with buttons to hide the opening where the hook comes out.

This bag needs to be finished by Tuesday. I did frog it all and re-sewed it. When the gusset bent it needed more space within the fabric envelope. Basically, I left one end open until I had sewn the lage suffolks onto both sides. It just needs the handle, and I want to glue some braid along the joins of the gusset and suffolks.

Then, it's Christmas presents full on! Some to start, and some to finish! I will show what I can, when I can. One can't really know who is reading their blog posts!!!

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